What Will Bukkit Have?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Tim/Hoopi2, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Will Bukkit have Kits, Groups, Colors, and pretty much everything hMod Does?
    and what other things will it have? just saying we can customise the server how we want it on the introduction to bukkit post really isn;t enough info...:eek:
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    Bukkit will supposedly have everything that hMod offered and much more. Also it is said that it will be possible to customize commands and settings down to the smallest setting. Last but not least it will be built open a system very similar to updatr which allows user and developers to update their mods and plugins easily.
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    Pretty much what NikolaiH said, moved to appropriate forum.
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    So Bukkit isn't only a modding interface...
    Is there any way to disable all that stuff like Groups and Kits?? Because currently we don't use hMod (instead we use Sheo's API which is a pure modding interface) and programmed our own user-management.
    Will we have to trash all user-management related stuff in order to use Bukkit?
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    I get the impression that they are aiming for a less complex API.

    In another thread, they said that they won't support the Player.isAdmin() method because you can handle that by having a parameter like "admin_group=" and then checking if the player is in that group.

    I think kits can certainly be handled by a separate plugin.

    There was talk of the fill site having the concept of "core"/recommended plugins and the various misc plugins can be placed in there. This allows admins to remove/not install features that they don't want.
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    Well I would like to check if the player is operator or not (/op). (I don't know what Player.isAdmin really did in hMod).

    Hopefully they really add such a site where everybody can add as many extras as he want. The core should be nothing else then a library though. (i.e. I want to add Bukkit and start my server without ANY extras except a Bukkit.jar and perhaps one additional configuration file (which includes a list with plugins to load)).
    Without any plugins loaded Bukkit should change exactly nothing. That's what I call an API.
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    The core API will be just that; a core API. There will be no /warp command, no MOTD, not even a /spawn.

    However, we will be providing a bunch of default enabled plugins which are entirely optional if you want to use them or not, which we think you will find useful; this is basically a suite of plugins to replicate the hmod commands you're all used to.
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    Ok, in this case, keep up the good work. :)
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    As far as compatibility with old hey0 mods?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    There is none. The API is too different, I'm afraid. Most authors have already converted, or started to convert, so it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Im actually trying to make an application atm which should do the same. If Updatr comes out first, ill just keep it to myself, since it probally will be a bit more buggy and not .jar
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