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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Mr_Killer01, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Hi everybody, i have this idea that would make playing Minecraft so much simpler for owners of servers.
    Now before i start telling, it is my idea and i would really like to get involved in the building of this idea as a plugin. You ask why? because the idea is rough, and through mutual communication i hope to have a saying in its build. Sorry to say that i do not know how to program Java-plugins, i do understand how it works.

    The idea came actually from you playing policeman on your own server or a moderator/helper on someone elses server, what if someone uses bad language? You kick him. If someone griefs the hell out of your precious builded world? or uses hacks for no good reason? You maybe banning him/her.
    Whatever, it keeps happening, and it will never go away, never... unless you stay 24-7 peeling your eyes on the screen to see if someone broke your feeble rules.

    Well, i build a jail on my Spigot 1.9.2 world, and i would like to give a plugin a bunch of parameters of what is not allowed and when someone thinks to get away with their behaviour and take action. Putting those who do not behave in an empty jailcel, from where a time device prompts the jailed person if he/she knew what rule he/she did broke. Also beyond having none of your powers/tools/warp/home that can help you escape. You as a jailed person are locked for a period in which one must learn to adjust their behaviour and even cheats to disable them, then it is a matter of 'Did this person learn from it's mistakes?'

    I guess you'll get the general idea, it's what minecraft makes worth playing and on top of that, you can take a nice nap once and a while as the system (plugin) patrols your players behaviour and act radically.

    It needs finetuning in the punishment, but we can get there i guess, and i hope someone does also see the challenge in making this plugin as a addition to all servers world-wide...

    I hope to hear from any pluginmakers who like a challenge....
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Mr_Killer01 And how would you see this working?
    What kind of parameters? Are there margins? Will the punishment increase every time?
    What will be disbehaving in a jail? As it is pretty much blocked off.
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    @timtower How i want to see it is like i said, now there is a lot of arguing about a wrong someone does, and instead of going to some website and plee about the mistake, now you are ingame, deprived from all, food, inventory-use, jumping to spawn or home is out of the question.
    Parameters? a lot, i know there is a lot that a user cannot do through simple action, like protecting ground avoids breaking by unwanting people, /warp /home are also known to be blocked, only i do not know how to implement this.
    The punishment should be more severe every time, longer and harder until nothing i learned, a ban takes place.
    In the beginning there will be like 10 minutes of jailtime, able to communicate, able to sport, drink and eat but not leave the facility.
    After this the time will increase with 10 minutes if the next detected mistake is within the hour, realtime.
    This can go up when someone finds himself a second time in jail, within the hour, it takes 20 minutes in jail. and not able to leave the cell, so no access to sporting (if you want that) and sustainance, food!
    Does this person break every rule there is and keeps doing that until the 10 minutes added up are longer than an hour, it is likely to start kicking and banning this person.
    Over the whole period questions are being fired at the jailed person, to see if he betters his/hers behaviour.
    Your last question i do not follow....
    Next question?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Mr_Killer01 Lets use numbers to respond to the different questions because this is getting a mess.
    1. A game can't handle everything, blocks breaks etc can be checked, name calling can be checked, but offending without name calling can't.
      So what are the things that you want to check if somebody does something wrong? Provide a full list please because it makes it much easier for the developer to make if he/she knows what you want.
    2. The punishments: what would stop the user from just going away from his keyboard and wait out his punishment? Why would you let them out of the cell at all?
    3. How do you see the question system, they can just memorize all the questions, they are fakeable, I can tell that I won't ban anybody anymore but I know for sure that it not true.
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    with this you are going to make a role playing game out of punishment. Some guys will break your rules because they think its funny to sit in there. No joke. There are better ways which also prevent them from sitting it out.
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    Ok, i'll try to fill in the blanks. (You can also suggest things)
    There is a way to say (as an example) to say F (you know) uck. If someone says FU** or F*CK or any other combination, you should make a list of words that you don't want to see. there is also the human interaction who can act on owners behalf to send someone a message (that he/she is using bad language) and if this person does not stop, he can be send to jail. I can't tell all the bad words, so a list that makes things adjustable is a simple check and act.
    The user must keep moving withing idle kicking time, so no way he/she is able to cheat, the counter that runs from the moment you send a person to jail, till the moment the punishment is over, is being tracked by the plugin. No way to avoid such thing. If you stop moving, walk away, then within a normal limit of time (5 mins.) the person gets kicked because this person is idling.
    Jail is a place where people who do bad things must reconsider their mistake, so you don't want people keep making mistakes and not act upon them; let the system help a hand.
    This is purely optional, and i have not been thinking this completly through, but i can start simple and goes advanced the longer a person sits in jail. This person needs to consider it's actions.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    1. Handling bad language: sure, but checking if somebody is warning is pretty much impossible.
    2. Then people will just leave because they dont like the server,.
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    Or they accept punishment and still are a part of the game, but i figure it was a bad idea? because now when someone gets kicked, frustration is gonna kick back, and even with a ban-period, the person can go to a website and crawl up to the owners leg, and beg him to take the ban out. Now that is something a person should be proud of... (NOT!)
    I think when you know you made a mistake, kicking and banning does not let this person learn from its mistake, i guess, and even when that person does not want to learn, for any reason, a kick of ban can be automated, and there is no person to go to and plea for a restoration of reputation.
    But i think you do not like it, a pity, i know it is difficult, but when you play a game, you need to be sportif!
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    If you would post in short terms what you exactly want to be made instead of vague, large texts, there probably would be someone who makes this.
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    This requires a system complexity close to password breaking programs. And also a library with a lot of vulgar words. What if someone insults with absolutely normal words? ("You are fat cow", none of the words in this sentence are vulgar or bad)
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    the best i could suggest would be using aac, and set the consequenses to jail, as it can do everything you said, But You May Need To Ajust The Sensitivity To Were It Wont Jail People For Jitter Clicking Or Pretending To Hack
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