What to do to get ready for Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Nate204, Jan 9, 2011.

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    As the title says.

    I'm currently running Hmod, and I'm getting ready for the Bukkit release.
    Everything seems to be working great, but I'm worried about the following things:

    The new Minecraft Update that should be coming out sometime this week.
    Bukket Release.
    College starting up for spring.

    I feel like all three of these things coming together in the same week/weeks could simply kill my server if not handled correclty.

    Any suggestions on what I could do to make sure this doesn't turn into a huge train wreck?

    Thanks everyone. Don't let this post fool you though, I'm very excited about this launch!
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    I think there was a comment that if Bukkit isn't ready, they will help keep hmod running (not sure if it was an official comment).

    However, your best bet is to show your users how to reverse the automatic download.

    This way they can stay on the old hmod compatible version of the client/server. This gives you some breathing space. Rather than users complaining about the server being offline, they are complaining that you haven't updated yet, which is probably an improvement :).
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    The sounds like a good Idea. I'll have to google how to reverse the download.
    I appreciate the feedback!
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    Well, you can't reverse it, but you can overwrite the files.

    You have to get your users to backup their .jar file.

    Something like

    Things for your players to do before the update:
    - Go to %APPDATA%/.minecraft
    - Backup the /bin directory

    Things to do after the update:
    - Download the new client as normal
    - Exit the new client
    - Make a backup of /bin/version
    - Overwrite the new files with the old files
    - Overwrite the old /bin/version file with the new /bin/version file

    The key thing is to get them to backup their current /bin directory. If they don't do that, then they can't revert to the old version.
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    Thanks for the support everyone. I've recently backed up my bin folder as you suggested. I've also told my members that they should do the same.

    Just wondering, I keep reading people saying Bukkit this~ or Craftbukkit that. They seem to be talking like they already have it installed on their servers. What gives? I've seen the download for the 0.0.1, and have given it a try. Lots of the plugins in the plugin section don't seem to work correctly. I'm thinking it's because they must have limited access? Am I just missing something?
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