what plugin will let me turn off health reg

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 2zxr1, May 7, 2011.

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    Well I'm trying to find a plugin that will turn off health reg when mobs are off any ideas which plugins will do it.

    thanks, 2zxr1.

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    I've been in need of one of these as well.

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    most of them are out-of-date
  4. I'm too waiting for plugin like you.
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    so 3 people are now looking
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    and now 4
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    How about this as an option. Turn spawn-monsters back on and load WorldGuard. Then type the following in game:
    • /region flag __global__ mob-spawning deny
    That should fix your problems although I wasn't able to test the healing part since there wasn't anyone else on my test server.
  8. I think I know what to do:
    1. Download and install this plugin: HeavenlyMob
    2. Turn spawning monsters and mobs on (server.properties).
    3. Set up in HeavelnyMog configuration file all monsters limit spawn to 0.
    4. Enjoy.
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    if theirs a plugin to turn reg health off and is out of date i can try and update it :)
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    Both solutions still give me regen.


    WorldGuard has mobs disabled globally
    HeavanlyMobs is set to 0, but regen is still there.

    Happen to anybody else?
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    Are you running a plugin like mcmmo which adds regen?
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    Players are saying their health isn't regenerating, but somehow mine is.

    Is there a permission node I missed?
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    That would depend on if you are running a plugin like mcmmo which has regen.
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