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    Hey guys, I have a problem with my Bukkit Minecraft server. I want to be able to host a Bukkit server from my home Windows 7 PC. I have done this in a past, I used to have a successful server that I stopped running from home because I made it 24/7. However, I had to cancel my server, and now I just want to host a Bukkit server for my friends and I to have a free build with plugins like WorldEdit. Unfortunately, when I download the latest Bukkit (I believe it's 1.4.5 R0.2 or something) I have issues. the issues aren't the [Warning] in the console. When I try to connect to the server with my IP Address (which i get from my router home page!) I can't connect. Here's the weird part! When I use localhost as the IP, i can conncect. Also, I know I've port forwarded because, when I download a Vanilla Minecraft server, EVEN MY FRIENDS ON OTHER NETWORKS CAN CONNECT! So I'm very confused as to what is happening and would appreciate someone to help me solve this issue. Thanks,
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    try 'localhost' then u can join your home server without using your ip :)
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    Could you post your server.properties and the rejection message you receive upon attempting to connection? Also, can your friends connect via your external when Bukkit is running?
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    many routers prevent you from using your external address from inside the network itself (called a loopback).

    Try using the local address of the server when you are inside the network... and only use the external address when you are actually external to the network.

    Your situation is quite normal.
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    Please post your server logs so we can further see what's the problem.
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    This is whats happenning to me lol.
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    Yeah, but I want other people to be able to join. And they can't do so with Bukkit. Only regular Vanilla Minecraft servers.

    They can't connect period. And my server.properties doesn't have the IP= {My IP}. It's just blank like it's supposed to be. And there's no rejection message when I try with my IP. Just says "Cannot reach the server."

    Okay but here's a new issue. My friends on other networks still can't connect. Plus, I used to be able to connect with my IP, even on the same router.

    There are no errors in the server log. Do you still want to see it?

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    Did your local IP address change?
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    In your server.properties file, leave "ip-address" blank. This binds your IP to only your IP to join the server, I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong. Also, make sure you port forwarded correctly. I believe Minecraft uses the TCP protocol, rather than UDP.

    And regarding your quote from me, if there are no errors, then never mind.
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    Okay "ip-address" is blank. And about the port forwarding, is Bukkit different from Vanilla servers do you know?

    I've checked and nope.

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    First, have you checked your WINDOWS 7 Firewall to make sure TCP port 25565 is set to allow connections to all network adapters(it is not a bad idea to allow UDP as well). If the windows firewall is blocking it, you still wont be able to connect externally with port forwarding.

    Second, open a command prompt and run the command 'IPCONFIG' without the quotes, that should spit back your computers currently configured INTERNAL/LOCAL IP address. Try connecting to Minecraft from another computer inside your house(one the same network). That will verify your windows firewall is allowing the connection(do not use localhost or those are addresses handled internally within windows, no communication goes over the network or network adapters using these).

    Third, make sure your port forwarding on the router is configured to forward the TCP and UDP port 25565. Depending on your routers configuration you may or may not need to specify the computers IP(the one from the ipconfig command) for it to route the incoming external traffic to that particular computer. NOTE most people have internal networks set up to use DHCP, so if you reboot your computer or dis-connect your network cable you could end up with a new IP address. If your router supports it, you may want to set up a static or "permanent" DHCP lease to that computers MAC address otherwise you may have to update the IP that the port forwarding is going to often(computers mac address(physical address) is visible using 'IPCONFIG /ALL' at the command prompt).

    Lastly, at that point people outside your home should be able to connect Minecraft the IP address that the router shows as being external. IF they are still unable to, you would want to have them check where the connection is dying at using either a trace route or attempting to telnet directly to the port. Or post back with specifically in these steps where you are getting hung up at and it will help a lot towards figuring out where the issue is specifically.
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    I have this problem as well and I find for me that rebooting my router fixes the problem. However, I need to do this every time I boot up my server and that is really annoying so a permanent fix of some sort is what I am looking for.
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