What is the World Seed of a Server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Machete.Panda, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Im on a PvP server and I want to get Ender Pearl(a teleportation tool on the server) in The End. But I have no clue where the strong hold is which I was told the server admins had activated, and the players that do know, are in other factions and wont tell me. Sooo, I was hoping to make a copy of the world and use world edit to find it.

    Getting the eye of ender is out of the question as the server has Endermen disabled in the 'normal' world.

    I checked F3 but I dont see a value for the seed.
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    The seed is in the server.properties and also in the level.dat, so you'd need to ask the server administrators for it
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    Have you tried use /seed in the chat?
    Or is that turned off? (you knew it's a new 1.3.x command?)
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    Actually it reads the value from server.properties, and if you delete it and restart the server, the seed would be "" ;)
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