What is the plugin used on Hypixel's (and other servers)?

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    I'm talking about the plugin that lets you bring up an interface (similar to a chest) that lets you pick a certain server to go to or lets you buy something in game (usually a permission node, etc). Does anyone know what this plugin is called? I'm pretty sure it's not a private or custom plugin as I've seen it on a few servers.
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    *sees on several servers
    *must not be private

    Its custom coded. It simply uses inventories to execute things.
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    Basically they have the chest-commands thing I posted above and have it linked to something like: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url>
    which then sends them to another server
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    Alright thanks Empire92 i'll go take a look at it. I'm more interested in the buying permissions with it rather then teleporting to multiple servers.
    Edit: Well I'm not sure this is the one i'm looking for. I mean something like, where you log in and you have an item in your inventory that brings up an interface which can be used to by certain thing with in game money, which usually have to do with permissions. Empire92

    And to Not2EXceL I said "I'm pretty sure," I was just rather assuming as when you've seen a plugin that works the same on multiple servers like this one, it's usually not a private plugin.
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    Their Just Custom plugins that Hypixel Developers program. I could possibly make a plugin like it for you.
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    Awesomedanguy Please look at the last login date of the user before posting.
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