What is the name of this plugin??

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What is the name of this plugin??

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    I have a Minecraft server and look for a plugin. On an old server I've seen thatyou can buy and sell items with the chat command :"/sell stone 1 our /buy stone 1. I know that there is a plugin for the money which is called "IConomy. and now my question:whats the name of the plugin which allows you to sell and buy Items in the chat Many Greatings Marcel P.s:sorry for my bad english i am German :D
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    Don Redhorse

    well there are a lot of shop systems around... most of them also support command line stuff...
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    Essentials it comes with the sign shops and the /sell command but you need to set worth. With /setworth and so on. But its alot easier to just use the signs.
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    Yup indeed essentials uses this system
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    Bettershop also has this, but I'm not sure if it's still active.

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