what is hunger games ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZeroZX4, May 13, 2012.

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    i see some users here saying they gonna create hunger games server

    and i was thinking it is related to feed bar left from the heath bar in minecraft

    but i think its not

    today on my country site with funny pictures i seen this

    so what is that hunger games ??

    well i dont care about hunger games i just want to understand that picture

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    Hungar Games is a survival island pvp game for the most part. The maps contain chests in the middle with a certain amount of people tapped in "cages", when everyone is ready the owner of the hosted game says go, and undoes all the cages at once. Then they are off, you cant break blocks all you can do is get chests, chests contain anything from melon slices to diamond armor. (if your lucky). Then if people die some servers give out... sponsors to help out.

    Thats the summery I think. lol
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    ok thanks now that picture make sense
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    That's not what the Hunger Games are. The Hunger Games is a series of books following a teenage girl named Katniss in the future. The world has been divided into 12 Districts and a Capital. Once, the 13 Districts tried to rebel against the Capital because they were treated like slaves, with hardly any food. The Capital won and destroyed an entire district, which is why there are only 12 left. Every year the Capital picks a boy and a girl from each district and makes them fight to the death in an arena. They call this the Hunger Games. Thye even made a movie about the first book. A Hunger Games server is just someone trying to reanact the books/movie, usually with a cool map, like The Survival Games map.
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    nice picture xD
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