What is going on with Bukkit - What we know thus far

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Should there be an official locked thread for the current Bukkit turmoil that we can subscribe to?

  1. Yes, I'm scrambling to grasp whats going on - at least this would allow me to get notified!

  2. No, I'm searching the forum threads for news daily / feel like I know what's going on.

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    Would be nice if anyone official could create a...

    - - - - -
    Topic: Official information about the status of the Bukkit-Project
    This is the official thread for what is going on with Bukkit during the current times / through the Mojang take-over. Subscribe here to get informed about any official changes and announcements regarding the operation of the project.
    - - - - -

    ...thread, and lock it so only officials can post in it.

    The idea being that currently lots of people are confused and it would be good to send a clearer message to all the community members that here is where you should look for your answers - this one spot is where the answers to your questions will (eventually) appear.

    What we know thus far
    > If I've missed anything important post it in the thread! <​


    so bukkit as a live project looks rather fucked by now:
    ...and (Sept 8 - 2014) (trimmed away some messages):
    Bonus: "[21:29] <BlizzardFyre> What's going on with the next Bukkit release?"
    "[21:31] <MeltedLux> BlizzardFyre, its done"

    My hope at this point is that somehow 1.7.9 will stay alive, and the bukkit site will "resurrect" and still accept plugin submissions. So it's not on the latest version - I can deal with that - forge has been behind practically forever... it's community doesn't need to shrivel up and die, just change the goals and direction. It can still be re-purposed and remain an amazing site with an awesome creative community. (Admittedly it would shrink a lot - but that's not necessarily a bad thing either.)

    (Oh... and it would be a good idea to remove the restriction on mentioning other server software - at this point in time I strongly believe the community would benefit from an as open discussion as possible. The original reasoning behind that rule is suddenly outdated is it not?)

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    I can't wait until we have to go back to the dark ages with several simplistic server mods competing with each other.
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    From what I've heard mbaxter and the rest the team will be releasing an official statement soon.
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    That would be great if true! :)
    (Can you elaborate on the "I've heard" part?)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Never said that. Mojang has only stated they'll be doing the 1.8 update, but haven't stated what they're doing beyond that for the code and haven't stated what they're doing about the existing websites/community and so there is likely going to be a further update/announcement/comment on the future. Not from me, but from Mojang.

    Also, I've removed the word 'official' from this topic as it only causes confusion as this is in no way an official account of the situation. If Mojang want to create an official thread on the matter, they may do so. :)
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    Ah, yes :p
    (Edited topic again though so it sounds less like a question.)
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    So much repetitive information on the forums regarding this issue. It gets a little tedious reading the same thing over and over again.
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    Ok so I get that Dinnerbone will be updating Bukkit to 1.8, but after that, will he keep updating it or is this the last update for Bukkit? Too many servers depend on Craftbukkit for their servers to run and I hope that Mojang isn't stupid enough to let the project for after 1.8. Can someone please answer and give me more insight and understanding?
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    The reason you're not getting an answer to this is because nobody knows yet. I'm not even sure Mojang knows - they are probably still discussing it or are more focused on working out important short term issues right now.
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    But if Mojang and Bukkit has "always had a special relationship", according to Jeb_, then why suddenly is it a problem that they feel they have to stop working on it?

    Ok so after doing some searching around I have found some information that talks about the recent DMCA takedown that Wolv (not the streamer) issued toward Bukkit and Spigot. My source comes from Jadedcat · @JadedcatWylde. Here is the link on which he talks further in depth about what has happened. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s81jha Hope this clears things up for all of you because it did for me. Granted it's not really related to the Mojang's EULA but rather related to something more then that. If I am wrong about how this all ties together please feel free to tell me so. Other wise here is what I found.


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    grid21 that you would have to ask wolverness directly.
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    I doubt he would give a reason if I did. However, according to the email he sent Mojang makes it sound like he is up set about Mojang owning Bukkit. Something to that effect. md_5 tweeted about it recently.
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    grid21 that would be purely your speculation and does not answer what is actually his motives.
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    True. It's just to messy to even ask really.
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    More information has been gathered from #bukkitdev - it's in the #3rd post... :/
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