What is causing our time outs?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Siuan, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Hey guys, our server keeps timing out almost daily and I cannot find the cause of it. Perhaps someone could give me some insight? Whenever it happens, chat starts lagging and everyones messages come in waves. TPS is fine, normally hanging around 17-18 during it according to /tps, /lag. Although our timings reports look horrid. Our staff chat reacts completely normal and has no lag when sending messages. I'm suspecting something with fireworks, but I cannot figure out which plugin is manipulating them. I have the options for fireworks turned off in both VotingPlugin and CratesPlus

    Timings Report
    Crash Report
    Video displaying how chat reacts

    Plugin List (open)

    AdvancedBan v2.0.6
    AreaShop v2.4.0
    boosCooldowns v3.13.3
    BossShopPro v1.6.8
    BuycraftX v10.2
    ChatParty v0.3.0
    ClearLag v2.9.7
    ColoredAnvils v1.08
    CommandSigns v1.5.5
    CoreProtect v2.14.2
    Crate v0.0.1
    CratesPlus v4.4.1
    DeathMessagesPrime v1.12.4
    DiamondHunter v3.0.1
    EditableSign v2.4.1
    EnjinMinecraftPlugin v3.2.2
    EpicRename v3.1.1
    Essentials v2.0.1-b494
    EssentialsChat v2.0.1-b494
    EssentialsGeoIP v2.0.1-b494
    EssentialsSpawn v2.0.1-b494
    FastAsyncWorldEdit v17.07.12-6b6f285-750-13.7.8
    GriefPrevention v16.7.1
    Gringotts v2.10-SNAPSHOT
    LeaderHeads v3.0.1
    MessageAnnouncer v1.8.0
    Multiverse-Core v2.5-b719
    Multiverse-Portals v2.5.0-b751
    OpenInv v3.2.1
    OpGuard v3.2.1
    PermissionsEx v1.23.4
    PerWorldInventory v1.10.0
    PlotSquared v3.5.0-SNAPSHOT-95f8aaa
    PlugMan v2.1.3
    PvPManager v3.7.5
    Shop v1.7.3.1
    Shopkeepers v1.82
    SimpleSit v1.6.3
    SortedTablist v1.0
    StaffChat v1.3.1
    SuperVanish v5.9.7
    Vault v1.5.6-b49
    Votifier v2.3.5
    VotingPlugin v5.8.7
    VPNGuard v3.0
    WorldEdit v6.1.7;dd00bb1
    WorldGuard v6.2.1;84bc322
    WorldGuardExtraFlags v2.12.1

    Thank you for any help!
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    If your server is fine but it is only the chat that seems to get lag, then this most likely has something to do with the chat's thread. Do you have any plugins that deal with chat, either, for example, by adding prefixes or by filtering swear words?
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    It lags in game also, even though it says TPS is fine. Starting to think /lag isn't all that accurate. lol
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