What event to I need?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ChucknorisSR, Jun 20, 2015.

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    So I want to spawn an entity at this specific location. What event do I need?
        public void on( e) {
        LivingEntity skele = e.getEntity();
        if (!(skele.getType().equals(EntityType.SKELETON)))
        Util.spawn.spawnEntity(Util.SkeletonKitSelector, EntityType.SKELETON);
        skele.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.SLOW, 999999, 1000000000)); 
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    You Need a OnEnable Event My Guess, and The Location of were it is going to spawn, But I'am new to coding so ... I'am not to sure
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    Anyone else?
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    what? what is this code? it does not make sense, kitselector is for kits/classes
    you are trying to spawn an skeleton as a class?
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    You say you want to spawn a skeleton at this specific location.

    What is the specific location? You're code does not look like there is any location at all associated to anything and doesn't make sense. And what are you attempting to cancel? If there is already a skeleton then why are you spawning a second one?

    Maybe you should just explain more of what you'd like to achieve.
  6. 1) You do not need an event
    2) You basically need this one line of code
    player.getWorld().spawnCreature(player.getLocation(), EntityType.COW);
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    In order to know what event you need, you must first know when you want the listener to activate.

    You want to spawn a skeleton, but when? What do you want to happen to trigger the skeleton spawning? The information you've provided isn't enough.
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