What do you think is the best idea?

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  1. I had some idea's which i was thinking of making a plugin for, but maybe some people want different stuff etc.
    Note: I'm not asking for devolpers to make one of these, it are just some idea's i have thought of and i'm asking the community what they want the most. I thought this was the best fitting section

    Reeds that grow dye
    When you place wool under the grass/dirt where reed grows on, it will 'absorb' the colours and give coloured dye's of the wool's colour instead

    It will also have a random chance to completely absorb the colour and the wool will get white again.

    Bow&arrow for traveling
    When you shoot an arrow while having a specific item in your first slot(?), you'll go sit on the arrow until it lands, this allows easy fast transportation

    Action game
    I was thinking about implenting that one for minecraft ^^ (or tetris?)

    Suggestions are also appreciated :)
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    Tetris. It would be AWESOME.
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    I remember someone did Tetris, but it never got finished. It would be awesome if you picked it back up!
  4. I'll be trying tetris then :)
    got an general plan in my head, but not 100% sure if i will succeed.
    If i won't i'll release the source and other people may work on it
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    I am trying the fast arrow thing, maybe with snowballs though.
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    Reeds that grow dye sounds amazing!

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