What could be a bad thing about a huge world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by cjbh1996, Feb 25, 2012.

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    I'm in the process of generating terrain for a world automatically using WorldBorder. I have it set to generate 10,000x10,000 blocks. That's almost four hundred thousand chunks. It's probably gonna be at least 2 gigabytes when finished; Would this slow down my server or cause issues?
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    What do you think? Yes. Of course it will.
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    Nathan C

    Your CPU use, disk use and RAM use will be through the roof, so of course it will effect performance.
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    Yeah but the map isn't loaded all at once, is it?
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    When the chunks are unexplored people can explore them causing massive server lag. Especially if you have compass port or allow fly hacks.
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    I did a 6k radius world. 3GB world.
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    Something to think about: the default multiplayer chunk cache for clients is 449, so as long as all players are in range of the same chunks it won't affect performance much. but if every user is spread widely across the whole map you will notice a somewhat HUGE performance hit :)
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    That's what I thought; The lag comes from the chunks, not the world size. So it really doesn't matter how big the world is as long as chunks aren't being constantly generated, loaded and unloaded?
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    You can get lost. It takes a long time to load it all on start up if its for your online server make sure to have spawn command on at all time please
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