What are some good plugins compatible with [1493]?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by EnvyX2, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I have Bukkit version 1493 and so far have only been able to add 2 (CommandBin and Colors). I am looking for some permissions/anti-grief/world edit plugins but it looks like most have [1337] instead of [1493]. My server is a 1.0.0 server btw.
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    First: if you are using dev buils you should really keep up and use the latest ones due to bugfixing. Current build is 1572:

    Second, the craftbukkit version number only tells you what version that it has been tested with, however most plugins can work with older or newer versions. So far out of the plugins on my server only one 1337 has not worked past 1500* and that is CraftIRC.
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    Okay @croxis, I just updated it. Thanks very much for telling me that about the version # =] Thanks again .

    Oh and also, can you tell me the top 5 or 10 plugins I should have? Keeping in mind that I already have CommandBin and Color.

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    That really depends what you want for your server.
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    I say commandbook rather than essentials and bpermissions.
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