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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kostronor, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I just thought of creating something big and here is it:

    World Generator:
    You can generate a new world based on your likings, edit every parameter and have everything how you want it.

    First step:
    Creating flat worlds with defined materials
    Second Step:
    Randomization this material based on the material around it (like groups ob ores and stuff)
    Third Step:
    use the already generated worlds to paste custom distributions of material over their shape
    Forth step:
    Generate your own worlds
    Last step:
    Use seeds to determinate this whole progress.

    In the end this will be like creating a world with minecraft, but purely customizable, so you can find glowstone next to diamonds or find gold floating in the air.

    Like every great project, this needs the help of a great community, so here is what i need:
    • Many ideas about it!
    • Some testers who like to create a bunch of worlds for me
    • Someone who knows how to write a bunch of nice algorithms for creating your own worlds (for step 4 and 5)
    • Anything else?
    What do you all think?
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    I like the idea =D
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    I like it too =3
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    at first i have to figure out an easy system how to generate some land and then lets go :D
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    Also the good thing about this plugin is that you wont need to update it that much.
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    Good idea. I've played around with Bukkit's recent ability of generating custom worlds (as you can tell from my sig), and I believe if anyone—skilled programmer or casual server admin—can create their own world, well, then... It would be very awesome (that's all there really is to say on the matter). :p

    I wish I could offer you some generator algorithms, but most of my worlds aren't very inhabitable... :p I tried to randomize the height of which the chunk would be at, but each chunk was still flat. So basically it was just a bunch of giant rectangles. I even tried to randomly generate clay underneath the ground, but it ended up floating... :D
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    That would be cool if you want to help me with it, i would be glad to have you in the "team" :D
    i'm actually really sure on how to do this, i think, it will be like some kind of algorithm with every newly generated chunk casting an event which will completely rewrite the chunk to the new world.
    whatever, if you are interested, just add me on skype :) (kostronor)
  8. It would only need updating when minecraft decides it wants to change the way maps work.
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    Alright, cool. I'll keep that in mind! Before I get serious though, I need to actually get some practice in with this chunk generator and block populator stuff.

    I actually had a similar idea for a plugin, so if you want to use my (kind of cheesy) name here you go: Chunkkit. :p It's like Chunk + Bukkit or Chunk + It. Up to you though, just throwing that name out there. :p
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I like both the idea and the name!
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    Hey thats cool, i will keep that in mind with the name! :)

    did you do this with generating the world full of tnt?
    i think it would help me a lot to get a bit of code from it:D

    thanks for all the support dudes!
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    Well my plan was to build a simple flat world made of TNT, just to mess around. The picture there was after I set off a few blocks. I didn't bother with any BlockPopulators or anything, because in past experiences I usually got an NPE...but supposedly the API has been fixed a lot with this new RB. I also got most of my information from BukkitFullOfMoon source, which can be found here.

    Basically it, too, creates a flat world, filled with sponges to resemble the moon. It has two BlockPopulators. The FlagPopulator randomly creates two fenceposts and a sign, to resemble the US flag. The MoonCraterPopulator randomly creates craters of varying size. Previously the MoonCraterPopulator would throw an NPE, but I assume with RB 928, it should work.

    Also make sure to check out the world generator FAQ Dinnerbone recently posted here.
  13. Very nice idea, and I have a solution you might like for it.

    One solution may be to add Rhino to the World Generator plugin, Rhino is a javascript -> Java thing that allows you to add scripting to a java program. This would be very useful since it would allow near infinite mixing and matching of block populators.
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    this gonna be great bro!!11one!
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    Since bukkit is releasing things after things of new content and awesome stuff, i am sure the api of the block-populators will be improved further, just to state it here, i'm working on something other, and after thats done i simply use the code of it to transfer it to the bukkit-api to get at least to step 3 instantly.
    thanks for all the responses!
  16. I can help test
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    Thanks for your support, will come back to you when i have something worth testing :)
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    Been done already.
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    That doesn't mean it shouldn't be done again. It may work better in some ways or do things the other does not.
    More options and choices is a good thing.
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    I will help, I have a bit of experience with plugin development, and it sounds awesome.
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