Inactive [WGEN] Tropic v0.0.2 - Add tropic landscapes to your server! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    0.0.2 [CB 1.2.3-R0.2]

    Download at BukkitDev: Link
    Source at Github: Link

    Tropic is a wgen plugin i was working for some time now and with the new jungle biomes being out i decided to complete it. So what does Tropic do? Well it generates a world that is fully covered with a thick rainforest. The Terrain has some nice hills/beaches, but also pretty high mountains. The Generator features a lot of unique BlockPopulators for a individual look:
    • 3 Different, fully custom tree types featuring generated world-trees
    • Lakes and small creeks
    • "Glowshrooms"
    • Bushes and all other foliage that can be found in minecraft
    • All ores/lava/gravel/etc you need
    • Custom caves

    Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.
    And as always, feedback and suggestions are welcome, hope you like it.

    Permissions/Commands/How-to on BukkitDev

    • 0.2.0
      • fixed error in plugin.yml
    • 0.1.0
      • init release
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    Thanks to s1mpl3x for putting together such an awesome plugin! :D
  3. Wow, looks ... great.
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    How the f*** to people write these using Bukkit's silly terrain gen system, I cant figure any of this out :p
    [1.1-R8] is the latest RB
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    Maybe too many lilypads? Make a config file :D with:
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    i'd like to know that aswell
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    This is very nice, just what I wanted. There's a problem with the terrain in some areas I think, unless it's supposed to be like this? When generating this world it used about 3-4 GB RAM and 100% CPU :p

    Show Spoiler

    Good job on this.
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    Mikeambrose3 Thanks, and yes this is intended to be like this, above y=110 i think, looked better during development, but with the new worldheight it is pretty much obsolete.. i might remove it soon.

    Also as i said on BukkitDev, the performance is absolutely bad :/ not much i can do about it
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    Is there a way to get this mod for singleplayer?
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    you could generate a map with bukkit and worldborder, then just drop the world directory into your singleplayer saves..
  12. is it possible to re-generate my old map ? :E
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    Am I the only one getting this water related bug? (No other mods in use, except for Optifine and Rei's Minimap)


    Beautiful mod, otherwise. Thanks, s1mpl3x!
    I'd really like to have a mod that allows me to add this to the vanilla biomes and to control their range and fissuring (biomes are generally far too small).
    That along with control over the sea level (which is currently set to 64 and thus far too low).

    It feels very gratifying, to walk through a biome that doesn't suddenly end after just a few meters.
    I'm growing sick of the vanilla world generation. Only jungle won't make me (and other people on our server) happy either, though.
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    *Sees plugin title*
    *Goes to plugin page*
    "Oh my f*****g god!"
    *Jizzes and cries at the same time*
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    It could possibly be an error with Optifine displaying the map. Do all your users get this bug?
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    I didn't use this on a public server. Just created a test-server to check the mod, in solitude.
    You mean optifine may create "illusionary" objects/entities? Doesn't seem likely to me.
    Starting the game without optifine doesn't change a thing either. It rather seems like a bug in the world generation.
    Maybe a rare bug?

    On another note, I restarted the same world without the tropic mod installed (long after the above bug occurred, FYI) and ventured into new territory. World generation creates normal biomes again, with the plugin removed.

    That is a nice option for people who want "tropic" jungles and normal biomes in their world.

    Start a new world with the mod installed, explore an area of the size that you want your tropic jungle to be, then restart the server without the mod's plugin and enjoy the normal biomes that will spawn around your "tropical" resort.
    Not sure if that option was common knowledge.
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    Well, if you look at your map, the minimap doesn't show any of the terrain bugs. That is why I thought that.
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    I really love your generators, though i have an issue which i can't seem to fix. I wish to have your generated worlds possible teleport locations within my server. The issue arises when i mount the maps, your generation ceases to work and becomes normal. The areas people haven't been to yet just turn into a normal world. I'm wondering, how do i mount them and keep your generation active?
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    Rofl xD a lot bugs
    Too many lilypads : /
    Make a config file
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    Is there a way to have "/t" go back to Towny? Your plugin over rides that command.
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    open the tropic.jar with winrar/7zip/etc and edit the plugin.yml
  22. hi can you pls make this for vannilla servers too?;)
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    would it be possible for these to replace a jungle on a normal world
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    Very excited to try this, looks exactly like what I was needing.
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    I really wanted to try this generator, but it doesn't work at all.

    Whether I use the command listed in the devbukkit page or follow the guide on how to do it with Multiverse, it just crashes my server.

    Oh... that would explain why my server keeps crashing when I try to use this... It only gets 1gb of RAM to work with... hell, my computer only has 4gb RAM total! Could you please reduce the RAM requirement, if it's somehow possible?
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    Oh, I finally got it to work... it created a normal world and part of the terrain was generated normally, but it seems to work tropically after I edited the world.yml in multiverse. Unfortunately, using //regen to worldedit the normal terrain seems to crash the server... and the server seems to sporadically crash on it's own while I'm in the tropical world :(.
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    So much lag. (for me at least) Please updated.

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