[WGEN] The Dungeonator - A Procedural Dungeon Crawl Generator [v0.0.3 Preview Now Available!]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Timberjaw, Feb 26, 2011.

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    If you're interested in checking out a PREVIEW build of 0.0.4 and possibly building some rooms/widgets, send me a PM.
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    This project is amazing. I really can't wait to use it with Multiverse. I would love to design some rooms, I'll send a PM for the preview build.
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    How possible would it be to add a few signs with hints about nearby rooms in the waystations?
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    Status Update
    I've been devoting a LOT of time to the Dungeonator the past two weekends. Weekend #1 was exclusively repair work. Minecraft switched from a 128-block height limit to a variable height limit, and in doing so broke a large swath of Dungeonator's map generation functionality. I had to do a fair bit of rewriting.

    Weekend #2 was dedicated to performance improvements. The new Minecraft chunk structure was causing some severe performance issues in Dungeonator. I ended up creating an on-the-fly database conversion setup that loads the SQLite database into memory at startup and saves it back to disk at shutdown. The outcome of that is a reduction of per-chunk generation time from about 200 milliseconds down to less than 50. At 200ms per chunk, if you walk in a straight line at normal speed, you'll cause 9 chunks to be generated every few seconds. The server will barely have time to finish the blocks for the last batch before the next comes up. Needless to say, it was chugging horribly. Things are much smoother now.

    With all that boring (but important) junk out of the way, next weekend is all about rooms! The last task before the 0.0.4 release.
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    Great to hear you're still working on this ^^ I won't be back in town till about the 24th but I can test then (if 0.0.4 is out ;) )
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    Woot! Im so glad this didnt die! i'm still waiting! :D thank you so much!
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    I haven't devoted any API knowledge to Generation but looking at your videos/pictures really makes me want to delve into it. Splendid work.
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    Are you a developer of bukkit? or just bukkitdev staff? as in the guy who checks the plugins?
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    I check plugins :)
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    Awesome :D

    make this its own generator!

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