[WGEN/RPG/MECH] ApocalypseCraft Revived! [Radiation, Realism, Perks, Factions, and more]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ZNickq, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I've been debating whether or not to post the details of this project I'm working on, and I've decided that I stand to gain some potentially valuable insight and input on this project.

    Basically, ApocalypseCraft is my project to make a very hostile, very difficult, and very rewarding unique Minecraft experience.

    [Functional Features (Updated 7/3)]
    • Radiation
    • Thirst
    • Custom terrain generation
    • Proximity chat
    • Perks
    • Factions
    • Groups
    [In-Progress Features (Updated 7/4)]

    • Procedural building population
    • NPCs
    • Subterra Dimension
    • Level progression
    • Faction-based protections
    • Contextual feature usage (removes the incessant annoyance of having to memorize another set of commands)
    • Statistics/Achievements
    [Perk Engine Demonstration (Updated July 8)]

    [Details (Updated 6/28)]
    I'll go point to point on the major aspects:

    • Hunger and Thirst will be implemented (toggle-able)
    • Water is scarce, and Ice can be harvested in blocks using a pickaxe and melted with a furnace. (I'm looking to disable the infinite water well trick)
    • Radiation/Toxic Atmosphere: there will be a detrimental effect that arises from either being in an area of unpurified air, direct sunlight, or proximity to radioactive material (glowstone will likely be used for this.)
    • Currency will be toggle-able between iConomy and a system of using gold (Pending my ability/decision to add NPC roaming traders)
    • A variety of ruins will populate the world as sources for scavenging supplies and valuable items.
    • Plant life is almost entirely non-existent. Samples of grass, seeds, saplings, and other flora will be available in Underground Repositories (Still quite rare.)
    • Dirt is rare, and grass can be harvest using a shovel.
    • Rare, small oases (plural of oasis, it's a bit of an awkward word, I know) lush with plant life will be randomly generated in the world.
    I've spent three days on this project so far after finally sitting down to learn the Bukkit API, and I'm making steady progress so far. I'm a professional software developer currently between jobs, and I figured that I could have a bit of fun and keep my skills sharp working on a project like this.

    If anyone has questions or suggestions, I would be very happy to receive input. Once I have a release closer to being fully functional and stable I'll be glad to provide builds for testing.
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    Wait in these few days you been debating whether you want to release the already released information of the plugin you ,,inherited''.. well i like copy paste too. so Good luck with the coding and i'm gonna love seeing what progress your gonna make =),
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    Oh this, I remember. The original coder developer left(?) and our server had to shut down because we needed a Terrain plugin... and the story goes on. Well I like how you restarted it. Good luck.
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    I love the amount of news from this =) (Epic sarcasm)
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    yeah, lol, the development kind of halted bc i need to wait for spout to finish it's shit for most of the awesome planned features to work ;)
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    Ok thanks...
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    any news?
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    thinks Spout is still haltering well for most other plugins i watch they also have problems with spout...
    seems like there been a halt to the Water flowing from the spout
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    Can I see the source? :)
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    Very nice idea, just please don't make glowstoe the radioactive one. How else are we supposed to light up our undergorund bunkers :D ?
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    it will have custom blocks :p
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    Aw i was looking forward to see my players faces (oh wait i cant :( ) when the place a glowstone and getting rads
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    Hi, I'm very interested in this plugin. The developement progresses?
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    Me too, me too ! I want this NOW ! :'(
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