[WGEN/RPG/MECH] ApocalypseCraft [Instances, Radiation, Realism, Perks, Factions, and more]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by loganwm, Jun 26, 2011.

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    It's a big project, and now I'm back after seeing my dear friend. I'm gutting all of the old BukkitContrib code and relearning the Spout API since there have been some significant changes. The mob system works relatively well now, but it's still not scale-able for leveling.
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    I think we're all checking this thread daily, hungry for new info lol. It is hard not to post here, knowing you want to ask a question but in the process you know it only slows down progression. Ah the constant mental challenge!
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    Any news?
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    man I'm so eager for this plugin to come out gonna use it with sky plus to make an apocalyptic themed rp
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    you're not the only one on this thread wanting to do that!
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    any news?
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    Hope that it comes out soon.
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    A few things, PhoenixTerrainMod uses bobjects to inject custom objects into the world so you might want to have a look at that for inserting stuff in with your terrain generation. Somewhere on the minecraftforum.net site someone had a teeth of time tool that simulated the wear and tear of time on the world, i'll pull up a link in a bit. Also would you mind putting your sources on github? I'm interested in a peek.

    Teeth of Time: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/269176-teeth-of-time-ruin-your-world-v10-graywing/
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    well let's hope that it comes soon!
    if he had the github up, i would give him ideas and some fixes and add-ons.
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    Is this thread dead?
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    No @loganwm was last on Friday and is still active on the project :)
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    Let me start sayng this plugin look amazing.
    For the multiworld issue i've read before in the thread(swap from wasteland to normalworld and viceversa with items) i've thinked that a pair of commands could be used to make the swap and reset the inventoryes.
    For example:I use the "/wasteland" command, I'll be teleported to the wasteland and the inventory could be saved to SQLite and cleared, and when i come back to the normal world, it'll be restored.
    I've got some code that could help you converting inventory to string and viceversa to easely store it in a db
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    MultiInv ;)
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    any updates?
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    Just dropping in to say there's still demand for this add-on and we're all hoping you haven't decided to abandon it :).
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    This is awesome, i would love to help you code! (despite not having a plugin dev tag,i'm a pretty good coder :p,i created iQuest,RPGQuest,RPGWorld,and tons of private plugins)
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    Can we have only radiation plugin released?
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    Everyone don't forget he said hes going to rebuild it in spout which is about to release its custom blocks and items soon. Also life may have got him. So don't forget to be patient.

    Either way can't wait to see more on this!
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    I think it's safe to say... dead.
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    Nooo!... Not this.. it sound so epic

    But considered the extreme Long time on nothing new nor news.
    i would second your opinion

    but then again all the updates to bukkit and Minecraft may have caused a stressful environment
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    have been looking forward to this and from talking to him in chat I now that he made some good progress on it. Not sure if he has given up though.

    Also it's been a month since he was last seen.

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    If he's really given up on it, i can do it, since i love the idea! ^.^
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    Apologies for lack of any input on this! I've been caught up with a combination of real-life stuff, MineCon, and the current turmoil of the Bukkit/Minecraft/Spout changes.

    It's a real pain to see a load of features that you put work into be brought into the basic codebase of Minecraft, then have to remove them and wait for Minecraft to come out with a workable release where you can actually use them, so I've sort of been stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    If anyone wants to take on this project, I'd be perfectly fine with anyone doing so provided I may be able to give input or provide help later on. For the time being, the Bukkit/Spout API is proving too troublesome for me to keep track of in addition to the travelling and work that I have to do.

    Small side-note though: MineCon was fantastic, and I'd recommend it to anyone in the future. I was an Agent at this past one and I met C418, Notch, Deadmau5, and the rest of the Mojang team more times than I can count over the course of 3 days.
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    Once I get home to pay my Github invoice, I'll make the code repository public.

    I'd wager a decent bit of the code is either obsolete by now or at various stages of implementation, but you should be able to dig something good out of it. I had more experimental features on a build on my laptop, so I'll see if I can scrape together enough of those to put together another commit, but no promises on that part since it's probably very unclean test code.

    The repository is public now. I'm going to kill the repository in the few days, but I'll give anyone who's interested enough time to pull everything down.
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    Already started work on some Spout GUI stuff :)
    I'll make a WIP post too ^.^

    ok, big progress :)
    refactored the code, deleted some meh stuff which i will rewrite (way too cpu intensive), unified the managers under one GeneralManager (you can get all the others from it), created one ApocalypsePlayer which holds all the player data! check it out at http://www.github.com/ZNickq/ !

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    Ah, good work! You knocked out a bunch of stuff that I put off doing. Plus, Spout GUIs were still HIGHLY experimental when I was working on this, so now you can move the Rad Meter to a GUI widget. Also, I might have an NPC raider enemy skin that I can forward you; I have to check with a friend of mine to see if he still has it handy.

    Also: the terrain gen might still have some artifacts of previous test code or semi-complete functions floating around, but if you want to strip out the garbage, I think that most of the populators were just simple random junk for testing, and the building populators never were completely fixed to account for stairs, beds, signs, and a few other oddball blocks with rotations and special rules.
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    damn...well, i'll switch em to .schematic loaders ^.^

    I could really use some help with WGEN >.>
    Do you have skype? :D

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    I'll message it to you shortly.
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