[WGEN/RPG/MECH] ApocalypseCraft [Instances, Radiation, Realism, Perks, Factions, and more]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by loganwm, Jun 26, 2011.

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    About eleven days as of this morning.
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    So any new updates today? :D
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    Nothing quite screenshot-worthy today! I've finally moved my code up to the github repository (it's currently private), and I'm doing some major refactoring/optimizing on the completed portions to prepare for implementation of the leveling system in a clean way.

    The procedural building generator is making a bit of headway, but I have to wait for the remainder of my template buildings to be built, and I have to fix rotation of orientation-relevant blocks.

    When I refer to an orientation-relevant block, I'm addressing blocks like stairs, signs, and doors which store details about their orientation and subtype (wood, stone, cobblestone, etc) in their data field. The current procedural building rotation code doesn't yet have a way of handling all of those tranforms since they're a bit... wonky... so I have to add that logic on a case-by-case basis.

    Tonight is me beginning the polish for the necessary mod elements (aside from the town generation) in preparation for the first round of testing.
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    Awesome! Sounds like you're making a lot of headway. Why not checkout sk89q's worldedit code (he has copy and paste able to save and change orientation. Is the test server up (can I get the ip :D )?
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    The test server isn't up yet. I'm holding off until I finish up the last of the groundwork elements. As soon as it's up, I'll have the info available for you.
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    ok awesome I can't wait :D
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    Hey Logan this is a great mod so far and I have been following it's development from the start and I'm going to put it on the server I run. I was wondering if I can come on the test server when you put it up, I made an account just to ask, Thanks -Chilly9298
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    I would like to test this when it becomes available. I understand that at least the first few builds will be exclusively on your server, but I will be adding this to my own as soon as it becomes an option.
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    I greatly appreciate the interest guys! As soon as it's ready for testing, I'll ensure that there are spots for you.
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    This sounds really sweet so far, if you need yet another tester count me in =D
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    Yeah, if you've got more room on board for testers, I'll give it a whirl as well! :D
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    I just wanted to give you guys an update on progress:
    The majority of my time at the moment is being consumed by rewriting a few modules that I wrote in order to make them work better in the Bukkit sense of doing things as opposed to the typical Java/Application Programming way that I'm used to. The primary modules that I'm writing/rewriting right now are the Perks Mechanic and the new Abilities Mechanic. Perks were using significantly more memory and processing power than they actually needed with the old system, so I'm rewriting them now to function a lot more efficiently.

    I've decided for the moment, that priority for the first round of testing is Mechanics features, so I've put town generation on the back-burner, and I intend to work on it once testing begins.

    I appreciate everyone's patient anticipation for testing, and I promise that I'm doing everything that I can to make this a fun and enjoyable project. So, to give you guys a small taste of what can be done with the new perk engine, I'll give you the details on a new perk that I've implemented. [I'll record a youtube clip later if I can find a decent piece of Desktop recording software and time.]

    The new perk is called "Proliferation Pro," and it effective turns a human player into an explosive device upon death if their radiation dosage hits critical levels. It's really something that you have to see in action, and it's definitely a fun perk to mess around with. A friend of mine and I were on the private testing server playing radioactive chicken with each other seeing who could nuke who first.

    I'll keep you all posted as things develop.
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    The new perk sounds amazing. Very excited with the progress reports. Keep up the great work!
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    Here's the short clip of the Proliferation Pro perk that I promised! [I just noticed an audio lag... bleh. I'd rather code than spend an hour messing with After Effects.]
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    looks cool :) is the audio off though?
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    Yeah, the audio is at a slight delay. Somewhere between Fraps and After Effects, audio dropped out of sync, and I noticed it after I uploaded it, but by that time, I had pretty much resolved to ignore the issue for now. I'll devote a few more minutes to solving it when I inevitably record the next feature video.
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    its no big deal, loving the updates and ideas so far :)
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    Just a heads-up for everyone:

    Testing begins tomorrow at 6a.m. Pacific.

    I've made the decision to make testing at this stage open-invitation, and I'll provide details below:
    • Server address: currently down.
    • The test-world available will not remain for very long, so don't spend a lot of time building complex creations.
    • Builds and worlds will be swapped frequently as I complete/improve major components.
    • The first testing release will be geared primarily toward exploration of natural terrain on the public side, and database/code efficiency measurement on my end.
    Bear with me on the development progress. I'm creating something on the scale of Heroes RPG in a fraction of the time as a single developer. Features will be rolled out as they're ready, and the plugin will be ready for release when I'm confident that I've truly got something impressive and stable that warrants public release.
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    Awesome! Remember you can always release things over time no need to implement every class idea now :)
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    That's the general idea. Perks and Abilities can be added and removed without any structural modifications to the code, but there are still some core features that will require major code modification (structure population being the most significant). I'd like to give everyone a small taste of the Wasteland for now though. ;)
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    See you Tomorrow :D (btw how long do you plan on keeping the server up (6 AM is early :p ))
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    I'm planning on more or less keeping the server running semi-permanently. It will only be down either for maintenance or build-updating, but with certain build-updates, I'll have to delete the world, so I don't want people getting emotionally involved in creations on this temporary server.
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    o ok very cool still think I'm getting up early for this though :D
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    The test server is online.

    Connect to voodoocraft.net:25566
    Use the command '/wasteland goto' to be teleported to spawn in the Wasteland
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    O SNAP!
    Edit: 5 seconds in it becomes night and I get super swarmed XD
  28. Is the test server still up because my minecraft keeps saying end of stream?
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    It's down, hold a minute while I try to restart it. I mainly manage the primary server, so no guarantees if I can figure out how to restart the one on the port or not.....

    Sorry guys, I can't reserve enough memory on the machine to pop up another test server....logan must be running the test server on his client (therefore I can't access it myself and restart it). He should be online within a few hours though, so no worry.

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    Looks nice! Spotted a big clump of flowers though in a gravel section seemed kinda amiss.... Anyways looks good though!
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