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    King Rat

    OceanWorld - Generate vast ocean worlds!

    Version: v0.2 This is a really basic World Generation plugin, which creates a huge ocean world when loaded.

    Some lovely news!

    Due to popular request, I'm gonna start rewriting this, and allow admins to configure the block types in each layer! I'll have it out sometime tomorrow :3

    • Quietly generates a huge ocean!
    • Now with permissions support!
    • Extremely easy to run and generate, and uses little memory!
    • Simply write /ocean to teleport, and /leaveocean to get back!
    Permissions Nodes:

    - oceanworld.enter
    - oceanworld.leave

    Download here!
    Source Code

    • 0.2.1 - Fixed a spelling error. Yes. A spelling error.
    • 0.2 - Added support for Bukkit's new permissions, and fixed the /leaveocean command
    • 0.1 - Initial release
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    hmm, i'll test this and post the results, this seems like it could be cool,
    F*** YES FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!
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    /leaveocean doesnt work... Tells me cannot find my world and that im stranded..
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    King Rat

    Damnit, I'll have to get that fixed. I'll get v0.2 out later :D
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    Before sending the player to the Ocean world, get the current world they're in, save it in a Hashmap then /returnocean or /back or whatever reads whatever the old world was and goes to it.
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    King Rat

    Yep, doing that right now! And adding permissions support ^_^
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    I would suggest creating a version that doesn't auto-add the world so people can use it with a multiworld manager like Pinapp or MultiVerse - these plugins take care of the warping for you so all you have to worry about is making the generator as awesome as can be!

    P.s. rather than storing the world in a hashmap - store the old location of the player (the location object includes world but it also includes a lot more)

    P.s. if you're looking for any populator or need ANY help with this, or any future plugins - join me on #bananacode in - and me, or one of the other members of the team will be happy to help you out. We're passionate about WGEN :D
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    Could you add some screen shoots?
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    King Rat

    Yeah, I think you're right :D The first part of the code which adds the actual world is part of a much more interesting WGEN plugin I started called DynamicGen, which allows admins to define extensive properties about the generator. I made OceanWorld because I needed a huge ocean for an adventure map, and thought this way would be more fun than using MC-Edit. I think thought it'd be nice to contribute to the new WGEN section, so I sharpened it up a bit, and added commands etc...

    I'm also really interested in custom world generators, so yeah, I'll pop onto the IRC channel sometime :D

    And yeah, I'm gonna rewrite a load of the code now, and once 0.2 is ready, I'll stick some screenshots on, but there isn't too much to see, it being a huge ocean ^_^

    And actually, I'm gonna start working on some populators, so I'll try and include islands and things soon-ish! The original purpose was to simply create a huge ocean, free for building watery things, but I'm keen to develop it some more.
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    You'll want to check this out:

    This is our current top-end development into WGEN headed by Nightgunner5 - it's multiple world generators in the same plugin - if you'd like to join us and contribute rather than heading out on your own you will benefit from our experience in the area and all the help we can give you :)

    And of course a sneaky preview of the current WGEN project
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    King Rat

    :O! That looks awesome. I'll come on the channel now, I'd love to become involved in the project somehow :D
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    Stared at the hands for 20 min.... a waist of my time
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    When is the update comin?
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    King Rat

    Umm, I only just started writing a new, much more useful plugin using a similar world generator. But I'll get a quick update done tonight with permissions, /leaveocean fix, and maybe something else p.p

    EDIT: Now.
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    I'm a bit confused as to what this plugin does. Does it remove your current world and turn it into an ocean? Does it create a separate world that is just a big ocean? Does it simply move you to a newly generated ocean each time you use the command?

    I run a PvP server, but I want an area that donators could teleport to for redstone projects. Could I use this plugin with permissions to generate a massive ocean, worldedit a massive stone platform in, and those who have the permissions could come back and forth between this redstone area and the normal world?
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    I wish flatland would work aks well. This would be such a cool combination!
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    I can help you make some banners if you want :)

    mean...Make you some banners :3

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    King Rat

    Yes, you could :D It creates a separate world as soon as it's loaded ^-^ However, there are other plugins that make a big flat world, like what you're talking about, such However, I don't think it has permissions, and might be outdated. If people are interested, I can make a version of the plugin that makes a grass/dirt world, instead of water :D

    And Entice, I have no idea what that error is about, it looks like something related to the Bukkit permissions, not my plugin o.o
  21. Hurray new world gen :)
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    What about one that generates whatever material ID you put in? That way, those that get annoyed by the sound of grass, etc, could do stone, or somebody that wanted tnt cannons could do obsidian or bedrock, etc etc.

    One more question: Would this drain resources a lot if I had say 20 players in normal world and then 5 left for the ocean world? What sort of performance difference would it make having it be a whole separate world rather than a space we cleared with World Edit?
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    King Rat

    :D Yeah, I suppose that would be useful. I can't promise to have it out tonight, but yeah, I'll write a more dynamic generator that lets you choose what you have on each layer! And I doubt it'd drain much, but I can't make any promises D:
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    When i do.. /ocean it says i dont have permissions.. but what are the permissions?
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    King Rat

    OH! Yeah, I kinda forgot to write the permissions. Terribly sorry.Permissions are oceanworld.enter and oceanworld.leave
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    the skyworld thing doesent work
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    King Rat

    That simply defines the type of environment, either normal, nether or skylands. Also, the config file is currently generated after the world is created, meaning you'll need to write a new 'worldname' if you want to generator a new one
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    Oh i don't know if you can do that but i have a request for a specifique world, i need a Skyland world but with a ocean ground, like that :


    It soooo awesome if can do that , mix between skyland and ocean :)
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    And I want little isles ;)
    Would awsome to configure destiny and size of isles.
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    This looks great. Integration with Multiverse would also be awesome

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