Inactive [WGEN] NullTerrain v0.4.2 - Generate empty worlds [1.2.5-R1.0+]

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    NullTerrain v0.4.2 - Generate completely empty worlds (for CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 and up)

    A quick (and my very first) little plugin written by myself as a null terrain generator (generating empty landscapes), based off of Dinnerbone's BukkitFullOfMoon example plugin. I use this to implement empty space (as requested by some people on my server) and thought it may be useful to others. Bootstrapping the area and multi-world teleport is up to you right now; if anyone wants to help with this, the source is on github here.

    This plugin implements null terrain generation; that is, empty space. No terrain is generated whatsoever. If you wish to use this with some sort of space-like area, you may also consider properTime to make it perpetually night and WeatherControl (although this doesn't work with 1038+ yet, I'm trying to work with the author to make this happen) to make sure storms don't happen :).

    1. Place the plugin in your plugins directory
    2. Use MultiVerse 2's terrain generator provider system (for example, /mv create space normal -g NullTerrain) or Bukkit's own multiworld generator system to change the terrain generator for the given world (the provider is called NullTerrain, astonishing isn't it!).
    This plugin should work fine with MultiVerse (although you will need to use Bukkit's own multiworld generator system) and MultiVerse 2 (which is an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer interface to this).


    Recommended plugins
    WorldEdit with the //pos and //pos2 commands are the best way to edit space, in the absence of other blocks to target. VoxelSniper also works well. The server I run uses both; we consider neither to really replace the other (they are good complements).

    It's currently hard to bootstrap space, the best bet atm is to use /mvtp with @fernferret's most excellent MultiVerse 2 plugin. I may add a command to allow teleportation to space later, but it's currently very low-priority as I have bigger fish to fry.

    0.4.2: Update for newer Bukkit. I'm baaaack. :p
    0.4.1: Make sure this plugin loads at startup
    0.4: Change to use Bukkit's own multiworld system (or MultiWorld 2's system) - thanks nightpool!
    0.3: Initial public release
    0.1-0.2: Internal releases. They didn't exist :p
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    your missing your plugins version number in the thread title as well as a header/title in your thread, otherwise it looks good.
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    Could you auto-generate the config file, if it's not found?
    Also, is it possible to make the main world the null world? It doesn't work properly for me.
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    Making the main world the null world requires some more work, outlined here: . Hope that helps.

    Pushed 0.4, the config file is gone now. Please use Bukkit's own multiworld infrastructure or MultiVerse 2's terrain generator provider system.

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    This is the only plugin that seems to have stumped me, because of multiverse. It wont create a Null Terrain from /mvcreate <name> <type> -g NullTerrain. It'll just create a normal world.
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    Weird, are you using MultiVerse 2? Also, try 0.4.1, I fixed a priority issue.
  8. Just a sidenote, your topic says "This plugin should work fine with MultiVerse and MultiVerse 2."
    When it really requires Multiverse 2.
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    Just noticed that, thanks.
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    Going to try this out... Sounds neat!
    Where would I get Multiverse 2 btw?
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    @Elizacat I've just used your plugin in my example usage for DimensionDoor, hope you don't mind.
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    Styx Reborn

    Great plugin and all, but the forums already has a space plugin :p
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    Well aware. I wanted something simpler, just a generator, something that didn't try to do anything else other than bare essentials.
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    Exactly what I like in a plugin. Thankyou! And providing the source is even more helpful!

    One question, perhaps I'm forgetting something useful, how do I place a block to start with in this dimension? Even as an administrator, I have nothing to build off of. I must be missing something simple here.
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    Sorry if this is a noob question but how do I install it, There is no jarfile,

    Thanks Masterpig
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    Hi Elizacat, I've got your plugin working on my CB server, v1112 (the latest I think), with Multiverse 2, and it's working great. There's one problem though: when I move to the limits of my starting 'area', which is like 1000 voxels square, MC starts generating terrain again: - any idea why this is happening? Thanks.
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    is it just me, or when you tell mv to create the world, it freezes up because it find a spot to spawn you in... am i derping? or is there a fix
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    I have the exact same problem, anyone got a fix?
    There is a .jar file, you downloaded it.
    You press the download button and it's that exact file with META-INF in and etc.
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    Internet explorer was saying it was a jar But saving and satying a zip even when All thingies was clicked :p, It works in firefox, Gracias
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    I have got the same problem here.
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    Oh thank god I'm not the only one with the problem of freezing up when creating the world. Though I did somehow get one world created, but it wasn't empty it was a normal world with land and trees and water.
  24. Hi, i'm trying to use your plugin but I don't want to use multiverse and i really don't get how to make it work. The console says it has loaded correctly but i can't make it generate an empty world. Do you NEED multiverse or is it possible without it? it's for a building project so i just need one world and i need it empty.
  25. Unfortunately this doesent work with MV2. MV2 will try to validate spawns for some reason, instead of just making one. And of course it cant validate a spawn in an empty world because its all void.
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    Love this plugin, great for space generation, and is fast and simple to use! Although there are some issues, like if the server you are playing on has no editing plugin like VoxelSniper or WorldEdit, it would be hard to build anything. I would suggest putting a single bedrock block under the spawn but nowhere else. I hope this is possible, and I really like this plugin!

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    Well, neat idea. I would like to see it work.... but MultiVerse keeps trying to adjust the spawn because it is "unsafe"... any ideas what to do?
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    I've the same problem here...
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    Well I was informed by the MultiVerse devs to type /mvm set adjustspawn false

    But, that then requires a world name. And if a world is not imported into MultiVerse, how the frack are you supposed to set it?
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    Okay, I`ve created a world (empty) with DimensionDoors and it works

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