[WGEN] Nordic - released

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by s1mpl3x, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Wow that looks amazing! Any chance of a download to just this version? I'd gladly use it on my server for just the scenery! :)
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    Is it a biome or a whole world. If it is a whole world maybe you can make the oceans larger than in minecraft maps.
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    Glad you like it! Sure here it is: Link
    Be aware that this is more or less my dev build so the seed is hardcoded. With /garden you are ported in the world.
    You also should add this to your bukkit.yml:

            generator: Garden
    Its a worldgen. Currently the oceans are quite as huge as in vanilla... ill think about that
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    Amazing landscape :)
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    Hi there :)

    If you're looking for cave/ore populators - I'm more than happy to let you use mine - feel free to pop onto the #bananacode IRC channel and chat with one of us about them ^^
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    just a little update on the status, i've used the populators @codename_B offered me and they are great :) (thanks again) i just need to modify them a bit more so they behave more like i want them to. Also i did some code refactoring and the generation is now 400% faster. Like a boss. Although the outcome is slightly different then before the refactoring it looks great. But i'll try to get that fixed...

    Edit: its fixed, output is now exactly like before the refactoring
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    No worries friend - I'm happy to see more people get involved in WGEN plugins :)
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    small update again, i finished the lakes more or less,and i rly like how they look.


    I'll add some more stuff like some nice huge trees and maybe some sort of dungeons
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    very nice! Keep working on this :D
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    looks very cool :) it kinda reminds me of some of the landscape in the pc rpg series gothic...specifically the starting area of gothic 3.
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    So, I've finished most of the code, there are just some more finishing touches to do and maybe some cleanup. Tomorrow I'll do more testing and release it if everything works as it should. Also i think i found a fitting name for the plugin and already did a logo/banner as you can see in the OP :p

    I've added a permission for the only command, which allows you to create a new world with a seed (/cmd wname seed) and ports you in the new world. More isn't needed for a wgen i think... well if anyone wants some for stuff, just ask.
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    Great job! Love the new name and banner :D
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    wow this is realy cool i would try this
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