[WGEN] Mirrorworld - a world copie plugin.

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    I am using Demigods on my server.
    Demigods is a very destructive plugin but it is cool.
    My main world is not really pvp/survival, it is just the building and mining part of minecraft.
    People have to gather resources so it is not creative.
    So destroying of that would be bad, because people did very much to build something.
    But the fun of destroying, is destroying things were people worked (hard) on.
    But I don't want that good building be destroyed!!

    So I thought, how can people destroy this without destroying it?
    So I made a plugin idea. The idea is that you have one world with building or beautiful things and you copy that into a new world. Which is configured to be destroyed. In my case I would enable demigods in that world. To keep the world up-to-date with new buildings in the main world, it will sync with the main world every say, but that should be configurable.
    Because there could be cheated with (putting a diamondblock in the main world, wait for sync, mine it in the mirrorworld and bring the drop back to the main world) the mirrorworld should have a different inventory or there should be no item drops but only monster and player drops.
    Then players can destroy what they want without cheating or losing of hard work :D

    Maybe, if the main idea is finished the plugin author could at the following things to it:
    - making syncing not just recopying the main world, but use a sync system like the one inception plain uses.
    - edit the mirror world to be a little bit nether infected when it is copied.I mean create some craters, put things on fire and change some blocks to netherrack.

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