[WGEN] HugeTractsOfLand 0.1 - Generate a flat world using any block! [1060]

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    King Rat

    HugeTractsOfLand - Dynamic yet simple world generator!

    Notice : I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so won't be updating anything for week, sorry :/

    Version: v0.1 First release!

    • Generate a world flat world!
    • 3 different layers, and you choose all of them!
    • Uses little memory to run.
    • Create as many worlds as you like!
    • Reads you a bedtime story at night (sometimes)

    Source Code


    Example config:

    # HugeTractsOfLand Configuration!
    # This file manages all worlds. You can define a new world easily.
    # The Upper Layer is only one block deep, so grass works.
    # Middle layer is 8 blocks, and Lower is 10 blocks
    # To create an Ocean World, like my original plugin, set both the top and middle as water!
    # World Type may be either NORMAL, NETHER, or SKYLANDS. This simply changes the environment, not the blocks in the world.
            Upper Layer: OBSIDIAN
            Middle Layer: LAVA
            Lower Layer: STONE
            World Type: NORMAL
            Upper Layer: GRASS
            Middle Layer: DIRT
            Lower Layer: STONE
            World Type: NORMAL
            Upper Layer: ICE
            Middle Layer: SNOW_BLOCK
            Lower Layer: STONE
            World Type: SKYLANDS
            Upper Layer: NETHERRACK
            Middle Layer: LAVA
            Lower Layer: OBSIDIAN
            World Type: NETHER
            Upper Layer: WATER
            Middle Layer: WATER
            Lower Layer: SAND
            World Type: NORMAL
    Nightgunner5 - Gave me loads of help, thanks so much :D
    The Bananacode guys - Cus they're sexy

    Version 0.1
    • Inital release, I'll do more next week!
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    How is this different to all the other flatmap plugins that exist? :S

    Add some simplex noise boi!
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    King Rat

    It lets you make worlds out of any block :3 I'm gonna be adding populators, and some octavey-noise things when I get back, but I thought it'd be nice to get this released :D
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    Lol ok - as long as its just not another flatlands plugin - it's like the fourth one :(
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    Not sure why I'm on the credits, but oh well. :3
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    What is the command to get to the world?!
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    King Rat

    This is a generator, you need to use something else to get to the world.
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    Very Nice Work :D.
    King Rat likes this.
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    What plugin should I use?
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    King Rat

    Anything you like, I'd recommend Multiverse
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    Could you possibly allow the user to change the height of the blocks? When I create the ocean it isn't deep enough to do anything, and it is at the bottom of the map so i cant make it deeper with WorldEdit. :(

    OTHERWISE Great plugin, I created a world of only mobspawners. XD
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    Hey, CleanroomGenerator allows that, just sayin' :p

    Although no populators (seems a little out of scope considering the name). As stands however I can't see any additional functionality not already provided by other plugins?

    Edit: On the topic of which, check out how CleanroomGenerator uses Generator IDs rather than a config file, allowing for easier integration with other plugins like MultiVerse. Some examples are at https://github.com/nvx/CleanroomGenerator/wiki
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    Just a quick question, is there a bedrock layer below the lower level?
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    King Rat

    Yep :D
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    Where is the config? I'm confused
    EDIT: Turns out I'm blind. Anyway, great plugin!
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    can you make it so its more than 3 layers? maybe have it in the config? like
    Layers: 10
    layer 1:Bedrock
    layer 2:Stone
    layer 3:Stone
    layer 4:Stone
    layer 5:Stone
    layer 6:Stone
    layer 7: Dirt
    layer 8: Dirt
    layer 9: Dirt
    layer 10:Grass
    and so on? i think a lot more people would like that. If you cant/wont, thanks for reading my post :]
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    King Rat

    Well I could, but I really don't have time at the moment. Maybe I will sometime, but I'm not that keen on this project at the moment, mainly because it's a pile of boring crap :D
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    I understand. Thanks for taking my idea into account though :]
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    does this change the default world?

    EDIT: when using it
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    King Rat

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    great ! Love it :p
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    im using multiverse and this, whats the command to create the flatland? /mv create flatlands ( what do i put in for the generator ? )
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    How do you make your main world this one?
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    how do i get 2 the flat world
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    mv create <worldname>_<world-type> -g flatlands

    so for example:
    /mv create randomworld_normal -g Flatlands
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    King Rat

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    @King Rat
    Really? I read that in the multiverse instructions

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