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    I own a server that is supposed to provide two different worlds. Survival PVP world and the world freebuild. This last (the world freebuild) should be generated with a flat world, but the problem and that the generator flat world game begins at a the height of three, which is not great for underground, Redstone, subway, etc ... Here is why I'm posting this request ...

    Plugin category: WorldGenerator
    Suggested name: CustomFlat

    I do not ask too much, but personally the best would be a flat world generator, compatible with Multiverse, which would generate with a height of 100 ~. After, if the height could be customized, why not (^_^") !

    In any case if a developer interested in this idea and develops a plugin like I squeezed him reconnaisant, my server does not advance because of its: (

    Zerkhan ~
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    id also like to see this!
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    Compatible with Bukkit 1.2.3-R0.2 :confused: ?

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