Inactive [WGEN] CleanroomGenerator v1.0.0 - Clean Room flat world multilayer Chunk Generator [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    CleanroomGenerator - Clean Room style flat world Chunk Generator
    Version: v1.0.0

    Find this project on BukkitDev for more information and download links!

    This plugin can be used by world managers such as MultiVerse (version 2.0+) as a Custom Chunk Generator to create customisable flat clean room style worlds.

    Your world manager must support Custom Chunk Generation or this will not work. MultiVerse only supports it in version 2.0 and later.

    Example usage with MultiVerse:
    /mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator:64,stone

    This will create a new world named "cleanroom" with the layer 0 as bedrock and layers 1-64 as stone, thus giving 65 total layers (including bedrock). Block ids are also valid in place of block names.

    You can also specify multiple layers such as:
    /mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator:10,stone,20,dirt,1,grass

    This would create a new world named "cleanroom" with layer 0 as bedrock, layers 1-10 as stone, layers 11-30 as dirt, and layer 31 as grass thus giving 32 total layers (including bedrock).

    If the generator id is prefixed with a "." character, layer0 will not be generated as bedrock by default, allowing you to create space maps, or have a different block at layer0. For space maps, the spawn is set to y=64 to allow some falling before damage is taken. Fly mods are recommended for this sort of map.

    Some more examples:

    /mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator: - Creates a map with only layer0 as bedrock.

    /mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator:. - Creates an empty 'space' map.

    /mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator - Creates a map with layer0 as bedrock, followed by 64 stone (default when no generator id is specified).

    More examples can be found at the Wiki

    • Customisable height and block types of cleanroom.
    • Support for multiple layers.
    • Commands like WorldEdit's //regen will regenerate the correct blocks.
    • World sizes are not restricted as is the case with mcedited cleanroom maps.
    • Only generates chunks as required.
    • Able to create infinite space maps (using "." as the generator id).
    Known Conflicting Plugins:
    Any plugin which calls createWorld itself rather than letting your world manager plugin call it (with the appropriate parameters to specify WGEN) will cause issues. The following are known to cause conflicts, please let me know if you find any other plugins causing issues, or if any listed have been updated to no longer cause issues with custom WGENs.
    • ButtonWarp
    • Creative Gates
    • Inception
    Downloads on BukkitDev

    Source Code on GitHub and BukkitDev

    Version 1.0.0
    • Updated to use Bukkit 1.2.x API, breaking backwards compatibility with Minecraft 1.1 and earlier, but allows for >128-high maps.
    • Arbitrarily high maps (as long as World.getMaxHeight() is sane).
    • Extended block id support.
    • Data value support (generator id syntax: "height,block[:datavalue]", for example "1,stone,2,wool,1,wool:5,1,35:1" will have 1x Bedrock, 2x White Wool (default data value is 0), 1x Lime Wool, 1x Orange Wool). Note only numeric data values are supported at present.

    Version 0.0.4
    • Added ability to have cleanrooms without layer0 being bedrock. Prefix the generator id with a "." to create one.

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    Version 0.0.3
    • Fixed spawn y (height) coordinate sometimes being 0 (silly race condition?)

    Version 0.0.2
    • Added ability to have multiple layers.
    • Minor fixes, optimisations and general code clean up.
    Version 0.0.1
    • Initial Release.
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    We finally moved my server off of default commands and onto essentials and it made a "world" of difference :p.

    But really cleanroom generator works perfectly now to create a stable building environment for my server's creative world!

    Thanks!! We love your plugin NVX!!
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    Terrible pun.......

    Good to hear! :) If you've got any feature requests that are within scope of a WGEN let me know!

    Updated the first post, thanks!

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    Yeah I have an unfortunate habit of making not so punny puns.

    Thanks again!
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    I really hate to do this to you but im afraid you may end up regretting that choice in the near future as well. Essentials has many more conflicts than your old plugin and even breaks some of its competitors plugins for reasons unknown to me. unfixed conflicts abound, i had a problem with rampant wildfires on my server and from my research essentials was the cause. I beg you before you and your users get hooked on annother unsuitable choice check out commandbook its made by the worldguard/worldedit people and is top notch.
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    So far the only issues we have had with essentials is it's inability to disable creeper and enderman block damage like it says it can do in the config. Other than that it works great for us and has many more commands than DC and Command Book. So I guess I will look into commandbook but idk if we will switch or not.
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    I get Major lagg, ( Client ) when i generate a new world.
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    Nobody else has experienced such issues - do you get the same lag when you generate a new world without using CleanroomGenerator as the WGEN? If so, then your best bet is to ask in a more general thread.

    If it is WGEN specific, please provide more details on your setup of the client and server including specs and other plugins/mods.
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    is there a way to change the way chunks generate on an already generated world? if so, what's the command?
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    You can, but not easily, and it wouldn't affect already-generated chunks, so you'd have a mismatched world, it also requires a server restart.

    The easiest way is to remove it from multiverse, then re-import after restarting the server and specify the generator during import. If it's for your default world then you must edit bukkit.yml to make the change.
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    It doesn't matter it doesn't affect already generated chunks, my problem is that i have the endless ocean bug, when i want rolling hills, and having to drain, lay grass, then make then hills is a now I have bukkit.yml but I can't figure the exact sequence... Could explain it to ne more precisely? Sorry to bother you, but I'm just not the best with plugins...
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    Check out
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    so based on my problems default commands and this plugin should you add DC to the list of incompatible plugins? btw still loving the plugin, I'm about to make a world for redstone only and pray that data values work instead of block names... xD
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    so a few feature requests:
    • in game commands for generating patches of land as a cleanroom without making a whole world
    • the ability to have variation in layers, (ex. layer randomly generates terrain that is say 30% stone, 50% grass, 20% sand. I know world edit can do things similar to this)
    • make it so you can use data values instead of block names.
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    Love the plugin, amazing job :)
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    The first in my opinion is out of scope of the plugin, the second - how specifically would it be implemented? Feel free to post on the Issue tracker at with details.

    Data values I have added to the issue tracker, but I have to figure out how to do it first - if you know how, I'll definitely add it!

    I've also got populators on the todo list for when I can think of a clever way to add it in a generic manor to use any available populator, rather than having to implement all within CR directly.

    Thanks! Good to hear you like it!

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    xD, I know nothing about coding or how this stuff works... I just had an idea so i suggested it... Sorry I can't help!
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    This plugin seems great, but when I used it, it created a large but not infinite cleanroom (I put standard bedrock, stone, dirt, grass). At the edges, the map just turned into the usual terrain configuration, albeit with very abrupt sides.

    Is there a way to get this plugin to generate flat land for as far as you can possibly go? Or is this a future update feature?
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    Another plugin of yours is taking over the world generation for itself, CleanRoom generates the first portion and them it gets taken by another plugin, that's why it stops generating flat land. Post some full console log from a restart to the autor and he'll be able to tell you which one is the problem
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    I'm getting the same problem, but I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that I'm trying to use this on 1.0
    I do not have any other plugins that control or do anything with terrain generation..

    So I hope this gets updated to work properly again, because I can't find ANY similar plugins out there, which do what this one does, so nice and simply.
  22. This plugin works just fine.

    I just tested with bukkit 1572, multiverse-core dev for bukkit 1.0.0 and cleanroom 0.0.4.

    Generated a new world and went flying in creative one direction. Every chunk that was generated was exactly the same as the others.

    The post right above yours is almost guaranteed to be the problem:
    The first post lists a few known plugins that can cause what you are seeing.
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    I have the same problem as the guy above.
    The only plugin i have installed besides Multiverse and Cleanroom is WorldEdit..
    Im going to test later if it works properly without WorldEdit..
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    I use WorldEdit fine without issues - what version of Bukkit and Multiverse? Create a new world with the generator, then restart the server and paste the full startup log.
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    Good job on this.
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    Well, I thought maybe getting the Multiverse dev build would help, but no luck there either. (Multiverse-Core-2.2.jar #401 and latest Bukkit build)

    Now it's not even generating the initial area around spawn as flat, like it was before, it's just generating terrain like default minecraft, regardless of how I attempt to create a new map. (Ontop of that, the maps I've tried to create with this, often are are so laggy it crashes my client, even tho they mostly look like a default gen'd map with some chunk errors.)

    I have no log to show you, because it's not giving me any errors or anything along that line. Nothing out of the ordinary from my usual server startup log.. Only "errors" I got on the server, were disconnect-errors when my client crashed. lol I doubt posting it would help. But if it's really necessary, I will. Although it does sound like I'm not the only person experiencing these same problems.

    And as I said before, I'm NOT using any plugins that might interfere with terrain generation. Only Multiverse, CleanroomGenerator, and PermissionsBukkit stuff.. Disabled the rest for now.

    I'm no noob when it comes to running a minecraft server, and using these plugins.. (Well, before the recent updates anyway.) And I'm no stranger to troubleshooting, being an IT Consultant.
    If you want a useless screenshot of the chunk errors before my client lags out and crashes.. well whatever. lol
    I'm trying not to make a "IT DOESN'T WORK!" post.. but there's not much more information I can give, other than the above description of what I'm seeing happen.. =/

    Next chance I have some time, I'll try post the log, and commands/multiverse world files or whatever.. =/ (Don't take my "tone" the wrong way.. I'm just depressed by all this.)
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    That's fine, even if there are no errors or warnings, a server start up log can sometimes reveal some information that someone versed in how a plugin works (see: the plugin author) that others might not pick up on, so a server start up log is still useful!

    Can you try creating a world, then without restarting, check that chunks are generating fine. After that, restart the server, and on a chunk that has already been generated regenerate the area to see if it has reverted back to the default generation. Use worldedit's //regen command (and mabe //chunk to expand your selection to see a little easier).

    Checking to see that it's only happening after a server restart (rather than certain areas happening straight away) is quite an important difference. If worse really comes to worse sending your full server to me to debug on my end can also be an option (which is how I discovered the conflict with Button Warp/Creative Gates/etc).

    Actually, I just noticed that line, my server is still on 1.8 Beta - can you try on RB 1337 to test? It is entirely possible that a bug in Bukkit or MultiVerse on 1.0 Release is causing the issues - I generally wait for it to become an RB to avoid troubleshooting other peoples issues for that exact reason :).

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    I'm using CleanroomGenerator with craftbukkit #1572 and Multiverse-Core RJ-001 flawlessly

    It's probably one of these problems:

    1 - the world in plugins/Multiverse-Core/worlds.yml is not set to use CleanroomGenerator, mine looks like that:

    generator: CleanroomGenerator:12,stone,7,dirt,1,grass​
    seed: -9130140291293101611​
    environment: NORMAL​


    generator: CleanroomGenerator:.​
    seed: -5885163548638334865​
    environment: NORMAL​

    first one is flat land, second one is infinite space, i did generate those worlds with the versions of bukkit and multiverse stated above

    2 - something is trying to handle the world BEFORE Multiverse (that's why we are asking for a full log, be smart and you'll see the author asked me the same thing some pages before, it solved my problem)

    3 - there are a plugin that is taking the world for itself to handle (probably not since you said there are no other plugins besides WorldEdit)

    4 - Is the world you trying to create the first world to load from the server? (like you creating it and changing the to load it primarily), could be craftbukkit stealing the job from Multiverse , trying to generate chunks, if that's the case you should go to this link:

    it teaches you how to change bukkit.yml from the root folder of the server, to something like that:

    generator: CleanroomGenerator:10,stone,20,dirt,1,grass
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    Well said! One small amendium, the bukkit.yml fix can sometimes make misbehaving plugins work as intended - so even if it's not your default world, sometimes it can get you out of the woods anyway (just specify it in bukkit.yml _BEFORE_ creating the world, and ensure you use the exact same generator id or you risk having a world with inconsistently generated chunks in such cases - ie some cleanroom, some not).

    The ideal situation is to fix the plugins in question that are conflicting with the WGEN, but sometimes it's not an option...
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    Finally got it working. Generates like it's supposed to, seems to go on infinitely.
    Didn't do anything differently from previous attempts, except I used the new Bukkit RB [1597] that just came out. =/

    Not sure if this is possible, but is there any way to override the Biomes on Cleanroom maps? Because right now, the map is kinda messy looking with dark green swamp-grass areas, and such.. It'd be nice if we could make maps that just had even-colored grass throughout.
    Any work-arounds for that, or possible ways CleanroomGenerator might fix it in the future? (Or know of any other plugins that can fix it?)
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    Good to hear the new RB fixes it - chances are it was an issue in the non-RB release.

    I've added cleaning biomes to the issue tracker at and I'll implement it once I figure out the best way to do it.

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