[WGEN] BananaTrig - generation using trigonometry! [1280]

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    generation using trigonometry

    Guaranteed - no simplex or perlin or voronoi or random or any other kind of noise!

    Download v1.0

    This generator is a barebones gen (currently trees only) but more things will be added if there is demand, I'm just putting it out here so people can grab a copy if they want one.

    Installation - you're gonna need to setup your Multiverse or bukkit.yml or Pinapp to use this plugin as a world generator - seeds aren't important as this will be the same shape every time because its not noise, it's waves! (ride the wave dude). I'll be adding the ability to make seeds do something at some point... at some point...

    Oh... also it has rivers!

    A screenshot:

    [​IMG]Log of the changes:

    07 October 2011 - submitted to submissions submissively, but not submitting ;)
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    Nice keep up the good work I assume your having fun playing God on this one :)
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    Looks cool, (albeit maybe not super-duper useful yet), is there any way you can make it so the lowest point of the rivers always drains into a lake?
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    It looks awesome but for some reason on my server (Most recent minecraft and bukkit build) this as well as a few other world generators seem to load first time no problem but any time after that only loads very small parts followed by crashing or just not load at all, i've had this with cleanroom generator if I try use more than 3 blocks, any suggestions as to what this could be as world gens are a lovely thing to be able to use.
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    Please please please please PLEASE add in population of some sort. Maybe just set it to populate under a certain level of the map (if possible) so that stuff doesn't look silly.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

    Also, looks like some cool generation.
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