[WGEN] Bananapocalypse 1.0 - it's the end of the world as you know it [1000]

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    it's the end of the world as you know it

    Download 1.0

    This plugin was created as a result of me messing with different layerings and ways of layering octave generators - it's got a few populators mixed in but the vast majority of it is done by my new understanding of these (thanks @Nightgunner5 for putting up with me last night)

    If you do not know how to configure the bukkit.yml - do not bother using this plugin! Do not bother posting support requests asking how to use bukkit.yml here - do not pm me asking me about bukkit.yml unless you are willing to pay me to do it for you. TL;DR - DONT ASK ME ABOUT BUKKIT.YML


    - 30/07/2011 - 1.0 - released with screenshots
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    The environment is handled by the world manager - all this is is a chunk gen.
  3. Ah, okay... and if you extend it? :D
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    Extend it? You mean make it manage its own worlds? That will never happen - thats not the job of a WGEN plugin - the world manager you use should give you the choice of environment. I have one of those - check out Pinapp.
  5. True. :)
    But could you add the mob controll? Because if I change the environment to nether I don't want only pigzombies and ghasts, I want apocalypse! :D
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    this would go great with the acid rain plugin
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    Why would I add mobcontrol? That's an entirely seperate plugin - and theres loads of them.
  8. Because it would make life easier. *g*
    Nevermind, you don't want so that's okay. :)
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    this looks very close to what me and the admin f my server are looking for.

    All we want is to generate a world with no grass/leaves/flowers ect. A dead world if you like. can this do that ?
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    You're probably better off using edited notchGen code - there will be a plugin coming up using that shortly - it isn't this one however.
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    I really like this plugin but the ores are the only issue. I personally believe that it would be much better if ores were throughout the map however only in amounts of 1. It kind of feels like a dead map literally without all the ores. Otherwise it's a great plugin.
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    Hi, I know I am probably granting the impending of your fury by asking this, but this looks so awesome. So, I was wondering if you could at least give me a link on "how" to configure the bukkit.yml file so I can use this?
    ... Please... I beseech you...
  14. This is mine:
        spawn-radius: 16
        permissions-file: permissions.yml
        update-folder: update
        - version
        username: ********
        isolation: SERIALIZABLE
        driver: **********
        password: **********
        url: ***********
            generator: BananaImageToMap:image
            generator: Bananapocalypse
    But that wouldn't do anything untill you install some multiworld plugin which starts the creation of "world_apocalypse" and give you a way to access it.

    //EDIT: @codename_B: I hope you don't hate me for that. :D
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    Why would I hate you? I just say I won't help because if I help one person - there will be 10,000 bukkit users wanting me to configure their plugin.yml for them - and I don't do that for free.

    Users are welcome to provide as much support as they like :) carry on!
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    When I was setting it up, I figured out that you set up the bukkit.yml like you did, then just make an empty folder named "[name of you apocalypse world]" wherever your worlds are stored. Then, next time you start the server it generates it into that folder.
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    Aidan Moseley

    Would it be possible to add randomly generated ruined cities/towns?
    Its a great generator, would be good if it had some randomly generated underground patches of grass with some saplings
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    If you can design it - I can build it.
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    Aidan Moseley

    im no plugin in developer so probably not unless it involves schematics but i doubt it does
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    It already populates with "ruins"
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    Thank you so much kind people p.p
    I give you cake[cake]
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    can you elaborate on this? i would love to contribute but i am not a coder (yet. just started learning a few weeks ago because of bukkit). if you could point me to some docs or anything that could help me learn how to 'design it' so you can 'build it' i would put a lot of time into doing so...
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  24. There are, they're just more scarce.

    I added one of these worlds to my server a week ago and people love it.
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    By the way, to all those people freaking out about not knowing how to do bukkit.yml, you can also use MV2 which is a LOT simpler, and can be done entirely in game.

    /mv create "whatever name you choose" normal -g Bananapocalypse
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    You can also use Pinapp :D
    It can't be done entirely in-game as Pinapp has no commands but it has easy to setup config files with support for custom WGEN plugins.
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    Nice! Could you make a bukkit version of "Wastelands 0.7"?
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    Never heard of it.
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  30. Well, I can understand that you want to have it as fast as you can but... codename_B and the other people in the banana team are doing other tasks. If they would port this I think they would need around the time the authors are needing, but the energy the great banana mans would put in that task could be used in something... new... great... amazing... bananaing... you know? :D

    btw: I'm drunken while I write this, so I hope you know what I mean.

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