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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Piggy351, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I need to set up a way for players to claim predefined WorldGuard regions without admins having to do anything like that, if no one knows, that's Ok, just I'm wondering so I can make my server better. I need it so like a player can stand in a region and type a command to become owner, in unclaimed regions, maybe I can't do this with WorldGuard, if there's a way to do this with any plugin, please inform me, thank you in advance

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    Not worldGuard, but Towny, Residence, Regios ( I think) and Factions do this
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    I asked around and they use WorldGuard, I want my server completely plot based, and players limited to two plots, if you can help, please do so, thanks.
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    I'm using the exact same techniques on my server XD. The way I do it is using SRM http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/simple-region-market/ it links with WorldGuard and requires Register. The way I set it up:
    1. Protect the entire area with build and passthrough set to deny
    2. Set your limit on the number of lots one can claim by using /rm limits buy (worldname) 2
    3. Set up the region in worldguard as usual and make sure build is set to deny and priority (/region pri (region name) 1) is set to 1 so it overrides the entire world and optionally make a border thing to show where the borders of the region is.
    4. Place a sign infront or in the lot that says:
    Line 1: [AGENT]
    Line 2: (region name)
    Line 3: 0
    Line 4:
    (Please not for line 3, you set the price. If you are using an economy system, you can set a price. Else setting it to 0 will make it free)
    5. Wait for a person to come along and all he has to do is right click that sign and that will now become his land and if he owns 2 regions, he can't claim any more. Easy self service regions.
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    Thank You!
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