Problem/Bug Welp, my dear command.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Alexondrou, Nov 17, 2016.

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    I am not a skilled developer, so don't judge meh.

    I'm trying to make a custom command for test (to find out how they work) and make it for example give u dirt. Well, I've gone all over and nothing helped. Something like
    - give $1- minecraft:dirt

    told me the help for /give.
    > I did /give Alexondrou
    it said "can't find item"
    > I did /give dirt
    it said "can't find player"
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    @Alexondrou, If you're trying to command a plugin that runs the command for giving dirt, can I see what you have so far? If It's just Vanilla (You used /give) the correct syntax is /give PLAYER ITEM.
    For example: /give Wispyy dirt
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    Are you developing a plugin or configuring one that already exists? If you're using a plugin like BetterAlias then please post the config on and link the URL here.
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    Sorry guys, I found it out after googling. I was trying to use bukkit commands just to make commands for my server. I got it all working. Thx!
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