Weird Structures in the SKY

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheWant3dUn1corn, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. I was in spawn and I looked up and well, saw this:


    I flew up till about 700 blocks and saw those.

    Anyone know what they are?
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    Are you using some sort of holo plugin?
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    I saw these on my server, but only went to around 300 blocks. I will go higher up to look at these. Not sure what they are....
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    that looks super strange, have you tested if they are entities?, if its not they are may clouds based on a graphical glitch smilier as what you can have if you walk on ice blocks I suspect the shaders reflecting something :p
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    Getting clouds to look like that would be difficult.
    I don't know if TheWant3dUn1corn is using mods/texturepacks/plugins either.
  7. LordDarthBob

    We use plugins. I have Faithful texture pack. I do not use mods. The only plugin I thought may have in the slightest affected this is HolographicDisplays.
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    It is HolographicalDesigns
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