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    maxlehot1234 Just... google. It's the answer to 99% of your questions.
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    Can you add money in-game to the stats?
    Could you add ajax? With ajax, stats increase automatically without to have to reload the page ;)
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    maxlehot1234 As for money - soon. Probably.
    Next version might have Ajax, still figuring out how to load all the data.
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    Really??? Thank you :)
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    Here to the translation in French ! (Yes again me ;) )

    The "new fix" break the time played by a player...
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    HI, no avatar works...minotar have problem i think, can you check if its just me or you have this problem too?
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    Possible to use bootstrap 3 instead of 2? If yes how? Not really experienced with this. Also an option for people without access to php sockets and are using godaddy/hostgator for online/offline status via http://api.iamphoenix.me/
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    Is it normal if no avatar works?
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    maxlehot1234 The new version will have an option to let you choose which service to use.
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    When the new version was released?
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    Not yet released, still in development.
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    Yes it's fixed, thank you for the news :p
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    Since we are seeing so many server go to BungeeCord, how about statistical definition to multiservers? (Globally vs per server)
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    niftyapple I'm working on something like this. It'll be based on the world you're in though, not which server (since that's really hard to keep track of for me). Don't expect this soon though, a new webend is going to be prioritized.
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    Hello. I need a little input on a hiccup my stats webpage is displaying. I made sure that I was using stats 1.37-FIX as well and have updates turned off. I started off with the typical database communication problems but thanks to several messages on the thread here I was able to get the communication working just fine and receive a clean check.php run. Yay! Ok, next step.. Have a few people on for a few hours to see how the stats are recorded/displayed.

    When I was online for a while the stats tracked just fine. After a second player logged in for a while, the stats results for the players started to display oddly. Instead of 2 players, the page is displaying 5 players tracked. The two of us are being duplicated on the top 10 player's list.

    Is this a known issue or any recommendations? Thanks!!

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    hastur42 Known issue. New webend "soon".
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the confirmation and update. Very much appreciated. :)
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    ah... Can't connect to MySQL server on 'ip address' (110)


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    Im getting this problem someone help


    nvm got it working by using Stats2_ with a cap S

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    Hey Would you happen to know why my header and leaderboard titles look like this:



    Nevermind. After parsing through your header.php file and index.php file I found the errors. There are several instances where <?=$bonus...etc is and it should be <?php echo $bonus -> variable; ?> changing those fixed all the display errors.

    Thanks again

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    im just getting syntax error upon check.php,
    could anyone take a look ?

    edit: ended up getting it working
    there was just no permissions set between the user running the server and the plugin.
    even with the so called syntax error it works flawlessly,
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    Arrxzon The old web-end is a bit... peculiar when it comes to syntax errors. I have never been able to find them, actually. New web-end will be done soon though!
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    When you release the web-end approoximately? I want it and all players too :) The actual web-end was so uggly
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