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    This is an alternative Web-Interface for the Stats plugin by lolmewn.
    It displays nearly everything you can get out of the collected data, it is also working on small screens (mobile phones, tablets).

    => Check out the demo

    Currently looking for ideas for version 2!

    === Change log ===
    2012-03-02: Thanks to rposborne for more functions!
    2012-02-18: Thanks to BaalMcKloud for even more images!
    2012-02-11: Added new block/entity images.

    === What do I need? ===
    You need to have the Stats plugin up and running, additionally you'll need to have a web server (any will do, apache, nginx etc.) and PHP (at least 5.3, not tested with 5.2).

    === Where do I get it? ===
    === How do I install it? ===
    1. Extract all files of the archive to your desired folder in the web server directory.
    2. Open the config_demo.php file, enter your server values.
    3. Rename config_demo.php to config.php
    4. Open the check.php file with your browser
    5. Everything okay? Remove the check.php file
    6. Something is marked as broken? Fix it and go to 4.
    7. Done
    === Impressions ===
    Single player

    => Known issues
    => Future features
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    Looks nice.
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    Well duhh, it uses my plugin.
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    Yeah, there are numerous styles available but not really "built in" at the moment, so congrats for unlocking this easter egg ;)
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    I am getting this error....

    and how do I make it link it with my server? there is no plugin to make my stats to that php stats... so any help?

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    The error seems to be that php can't find the mysql tables. Are you sure you configured the config.php file correct? Seems like he can connect to the database (so the db user and password are right, also the host), but either the prefix of you tables is incorrect or the tables do not exists in the database you specified.
    To have a closer look, I would need to see the config.php file and a dump of your database (just the table structure, not the data).
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    shohouku Link it by using my Stats plugin.
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    Whoa whoa whoa, you made a stats plugin and didn't tell me? D: I feel offended
    I'll have a look at it for SpaceCP <3
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    Coolio! Don't hasitate to contact me if you need anything :p
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    interval:200 can i change this?
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    Press backspace, make a new number. TaDa!
  13. I have this error:

    This is my config:

    I tried with "" and "", also "".

    The tables are created with this charset "latin1_swedish_ci"

    What is wrong?
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    Is your mysql service running on the same machine as the web server? Then simply use:
    $mysql_host = 'localhost';
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    oh.. um no.. i wish it were that easay. the interval:200 is what shows up when i type /stats
    It isnt in the cfg.. but it is in one of the class files.
  16. They are not on the same server. The web server is located on another site than the Minecraft server.

    The address, which I put, is the Minecraft server address.
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    Well, where you MC server is located is not important (at least not in this case. ;) ).
    If your webserver and the database are on two seperated servers, you have to use $mysql_host = IP_OF_MYSQL_SERVER, so in your case: $mysql_host = '';
    If you tried that and still get "Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2005): Unknown MySQL server host", than you have to configure your MySQL server to allow remote access first. (By default it is only possible to connect to a MySQL server from the 'localhost')
    A few hints what to do and what you should check: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1935314/connecting-to-remote-mysql-server-using-php
  18. If I put in "$ MYSQL_HOST =" only the IP of my server, without putting "/ phpmyadmin" at the end of the address, I get this warning:

    You can see that the IP address that I get, change .... appears ""....

    I can seamlessly access the database from the browser, entering "" not I access locally, I do it remotely (I'm in Spain, and the server is in Paris "RedstoneHost").
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    Lummox PHPMyAdmin is actually a local program, so while it may look like you're remotely controlling your MySQL server, you are doing it locally.
    Google 'How to connect to MySQL server remotely' and you'll have lots of fixes!
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    Looks nice. Just a few spelling mistakes I'd like to point out, "brocken" should be "broken" and "traveled" should be "travelled" :)
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    Fixed and uploaded! :)
  22. Thanks, it works!

    I love this aplication... very great job!
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    Does this keep track of avatars?
  24. By the way ... which is "Omnomnom"?, I'm translating the website into my language, but that does not mean that ....
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    What exactly do you mean? It does not show an online/offline status if you meant that.

    I think this .gif explains it quite well :p http://www.gifbin.com/982666
    Hint: It is the amount of food a player has eaten. ;)
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    Yeah, it used to be a config option, but it was much easier for me not having it configurable.
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    How do you enable the black theme. Unfortunately I'm got good with PHP. I've been comparing those CSS files and found NOTHING
    Edit: I found some different lines and uploaded the correct CSS but it's only half black

    *DONE IT*

    Edit: Fixed link because the 404 page was the second most viewed on my site!
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    header.php, search for

    <link id="bs-css" href="css/bootstrap-spacelab.css" rel="stylesheet">
    replace with

    <link id="bs-css" href="css/bootstrap-slate.css" rel="stylesheet">
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    Hi! I seem to have been able to successfully install the plugin and webpage, but the server status comes up as "unknown" and I'm not sure what the problem is. Any help on this?

    edit: nvm. Looking through the php, I figured out fsocket was blocked on the server box.
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    OOH! I like cyborg! Thanks this worked perfectly.
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