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    its that easy? I thought its just the description :O (I prefer notepad++)
  2. @tomomsius
    Is towny sql-based?
    And what features do you want? :)
    Towny is not the highest priority after a stable bukkit release, but i will put it on my ToDo list.
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    here is another sql-db of mcmmo (latest version for bukkit 1.0)

    just in case you could need it :D
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    well i'm not sure what would be possible but maybe list the shops a player owns (with an icon of the block being sold) and the prices?
  7. Theoretically it's possible to integrate non-sql plugins, as long as the flatfile isn't encrypted.
    But the admin has to know a littlebit about cronjobs or symlinks (linux).
    At the moment i can't invest a lot of time into Webstatistic, because of familiy and preparation of our server-restart with 1.0.
    But till christmas i will update a few things (including thread at

    Highest priority is McMMO, then i will have a look into Heroes, Towny/Factions and ChestShop.

    And don't forget: My own and brandnew version of Stats & Achievements, maybe i will rewrite it to use Vault for better Permissions and Economy support.

    Oh guys, i think i have good news!

    Stats & Achievements is now working with Vault, that means support for:
    I hope you like it. I will upload it tomorrow for testing purposes.
    For me it works great with PEX and iConomy6 using Vault-API

    *Ok i think i need some more time for Achievements working with Permission-Commands, it's not that easy*

    **Completely removed Group-Commands, because Achievements supports normal Commands which can be used to handle permissions**

    ***I'm thinking about only supporting console commands, would make Achievements much thinner without missing any features***

    I will reduce Achievements to "just" support normal console-commands instead of special money,item,warp,group commands.
    Why? Why not?!
    Every command that's build inside Achievements (see above) is just expanding the Achievements-file and it's unneccassary.
    instead of writing item 4 16 to give the player 16 of stone, you now have to write /i give * 4 16
    It's not complicated, it doesn't hurt and it's more flexible, because now it really supports every command the server knows.
    I will have a look to include an command-blacklist to prevent damage.

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  8. sounds mighty interesting :) can't wait to have a go at it although I don't use an economy system at my server.
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    where is the download link? :)
  10. It's not "tomorrow" yet ^^ (Testversion!) (Including both Stats&Achievements and Vault)

    Pls don't use it on a map where you can't live with errors :)
    I tested both on my server.
    Stats works fine, Achievements works and i tested /give * [id] [amount] and /money give * [amount]
    But everything else should work, too, as long as the command could be executed from console.
    Mention, that your old Achievements.txt files don't work without modifying the commands :)

    At the end it should work as it worked before, because the only thing i changed was to delete everything that handles GroupManager and to rewrite the permissions to use Vault.

    *Sometimes i'm getting SQL-errors, will have a look into it*

    Trying to add Crafting-Events, but this feature will need to use Spout.

    Stats officially learned crafting :)
    I will have a look into Smelting next.

    *Smelting seems to be interesting, because there's nothing pointing at the player. I need a workaround for this*

    **Ok Smelting will not be a feature soon ... but i've got a surprise :)*

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    Hey man, is there a demo online, or do I have to set this up to see all the magic?
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    Excellent. The stats are one-time only, not over time, right?
  13. You mean i don't analyze something like "last 24h" "last 48h" ?
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    Exactly. I get the current status, not the status over time, right?
  15. @Antariano

    Um sry i think i hadn't enough sleep tonight -_-
    What excatly do you mean?
    All Stats (blockbreak, blockplace, kill, damage, played, lastonline) are from the beginning, there is only one entry in the database that's increased when something's changed.
    Online-Status is at the moment (is the player online: yes or no ... there are only a few seconds delay)

    What exactly do you mean with "over time"

    For a future update i planned to analyze the online-playtime with: 24h, 48h, 72h, 96h, 120h, 144h
    We need it for our server to look who really was active the last time, not only 1min per day.
    I never planned this feature for the stats, but maybe ... i never say no!
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    hey do you know if it is that hard to cloak a server for languages? I was going to start and do that for your plugin... but I don't want to update after that hard work.
  17. Plugin? Do you mean the Webstats?
    And do you mean the webstats should automatically choose the users language?
    Or do you mean a webinterface to add and edit new languages?

    I'm sry, i've got some understanding problems at the moment *laugh*
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    Yes, that's what I mean :p
    So you have different stats for different points in time. For instance,
    Today: 199 blocks
    Yesterday: 400 blocks
  19. Ah great :p
    It's technical possible without completely rewriting the Stats plugin and webstats ;)
    For the played time i duplicate the database entries into another table via cronjob.
    It should work the same way for the other stats.
    Should i put it on my ToDo-List?
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    Yeh your whole web-stats plugin/(server pages) -- what is on page 6. I know it does not auto. If you say you have it already then why does it show german when in the demo page?
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    First, let me explain why I contacted you. I was looking for a statistics solution for SpaceBukkit, and your tool seemed quite powerful.
    Some of the stats need time tracking, so that why I asked.
    If you don't add it it's ok, I'll find a way to store the data from webstatistics differently. Do what you think is appropriate :)
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  22. Ah now i know what you mean!
    There are 2 options:
    1) inside the main-config you will find this:
    //Default Language (de, en, fr)
    define('WS_CONFIG_LANGUAGE', 'de');
    There you can choose the default language for your site! For me it's de (german) You can take en (englisch)
    2) Let the player choose!
    In the upper right corner there are flags, choose your language and the browser will save a cookie with your setting.

    I don't want to let the server choose, because not all people like webstats in foreing language, i use it in english instead of german. But of course, i can build in this feature in a future release.
    Beside ... i'm working on a webinterface to edit the languages, i will publish it with the next release (it still needs some work) :)


    Oh i can build such a module, no problem!
    What stats need a timeline?
    What timeline do you need? (Will be hardcoded for the beginning)
    Is my version ok?
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    well i'll just wait then. I already have en as default lang. But I was going to get ride of all of that so germans get dutch, english get english. by cloaking the ip of where they are located.
  24. Ok, i will build in that feature, but i will make it configurable for those who don't need it :)
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  26. @patey

    It sounds really interesting.
    I will follow it for a while, maybe he will publish the code so i can have a look.

    Maybe(!) Achievements can do it or better Stats can do it, i will try to discover the possibilities!
    (Achievements uses Stats to verify the achievement conditions)

    At the moment i think it could be done with a command, for example /stats discover
    When the command is triggered it controlls if the coordinates are inside a range of the waypoint.
    If so, the player gets the Achievement, if not ... well not :)
    To make it automatically i would have to controll PlayerMovement, but that will need to much ressources for a simple Achievement.

    *It's possible, i'm working on it*
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    wether it can do it better or the same i'd just like to have it all in one place with everything else you've done :)
    love the stats page and hope you can keep up the great work :D

    the Dev of fast travel says he may add a achievements feature into the plugin, if he did wouldn't there be some sort of indicator it uses to determine a user has discovered the travel location?
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  28. @patey
    The way i'm implementing the feature is by using a command at an area (/discoverachievements; short: /disach) and the plugin checks if there is an achievement matching the position +/- x coordinates.
    Let's say i'm at position 345,67,117 and the achievement is at position 365,67,117, i now use the command and Achievements checks if i'm inside a 20 blocks radius -> 19 block distance: Yeah! Iäm getting the Achievement.

    I know, it's not an automatic version, but i'm trying and learning and if i'm getting this to work i'm sure i will mana an automatic version, too :)
    And yes, it's build into Achievements :D
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    germans get dutch? why not german?
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