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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by, May 18, 2011.

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    theres a new version of mcmmo, would you like the updated version of my sql db once its been used a little?
  3. I will have a look what has changed, but yeah i never say no to a new database :)
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  5. achievements is giving me an error that it can't create/write an myi (temp java table I think) in the windows temp dir... not that surprising since windows doesn't like other programs to go into the windows dir in the first place.
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    Capture123.PNG Capture.PNG is there a reason for why I can't load the webpage properly. im on MySQL 5.5 PHP 5.3.8 All of the databases match up. But the only thing i am seening is this. ill upload the photo.
  7. It seems you haven't installed the Core Module?

    It's needed to use the Achievements-module :)
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  9. Oh yeah i'm sry, the links at page 1 are the old version of Webstatistic, at page 6 you can find the new one.
    I have to update it, sry :)

    When there is a stable release of bukkit, i will finish the new version (inluding new McMMO table and Heroes)
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    well they are all working fine exept the achievements. I bet you know why to. lol. But the only thing i noticed that may confuse some people is in the core config.php you have the default languege that says 'eng' it should be 'en'. Hope you could follow that im to tired to edit my writings.
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    i've only recently started using the stats page (i'm usually on dev build so it wouldn't work) and everythings functioning for the most part but i'm getting errors about passing plugin enable for the stats plugin.

    using the stats plugin from the first page-do you have a more updated version of the stats plugin or do i need to use the one thats been updated to use register?

    currently using iconomy 5 (always was my favourite version :p), latest version of jobs, and latest version of mcmmo

    ^theres my stats (i think i configured something wrong)
  12. I will have a look later.

    You could use the updated Stats plugin from
    It's the same i use, except that mine is more actual and i modified the items.txt.
    With bukkit release i will create a thread on :)
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    your problem
    is what i just posted. go to your config.php for the core and change your lang. to en not eng. the reason why i say that is it loads when you click the english flag and does not when you load the page.
  14. *going to Notepad++ and change it* :)
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    figured that was the one to use (uses register, but i figured id have to get that eventually)

    the errors on the server have stopped but there are errors on the stats page i hadn't mentioned (was hoping it was due to the older plugin)
    thanks for pointing this out,
    but still have a few problems (most likely my fault, started setting this up at 2am XD)

    also, no rush or anything- i've got functioning basic stats, i can live with that till you can help me as i'm sure you have your hands full :)

    (just read some previous posts, congrats on the baby :p)

    seems the error is the same on every page,
    shows up at the bottom
    Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Access denied for user 'minecraft'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in C:\xampp\htdocs\stats\test\include\functions.php on line 13
    permissions in mysql are set proper, db username and password set proper in config of webstats (checked all modules)

    found the problem. you missed a letter on line 13 of the functions.php :p


    needs to be


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  16. Woah and i thought i fixed it long time ago :rolleyes:

    Thx! :cool:
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    no problem, just happy for those annoying errors to be gone :)

    names don't show up for mcmmo, is that my config or cause its still a wip?
  18. Do you know a solution for the achievements issue I have?
    For some reason java wants to make a temp dir with a *.myi file in it for the achievements when using mysql, but the console goes nuts because it can't create a temp dir in c:\windows (how surprising ;) ) creating one yourself only means it will work once as the temp dir also gets removed :(
  19. I don't know, sry.
    Did you try the last Achievements from
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    could someone please update stats?
    im using mcmmo too so please make stats use another command for /stats :)
  21. that is probably the most illogical request ever. Better ask McMMO staff to change theirs. The stats plugin is like it's name suggested a stats plugin and does nothing beyond that nor has it another name.

    Whats next that the apple (fruit version) needs to be renamed since it's the same as Apple (the tech company)....
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    I completely dont wanna use /stats from the stats plugin!
    And sry, but mcmmo is more important for me then stats.. but I wanna use webstatistic thats why I need stats but not /stats okay?
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    Just do what you have to to decompile parts of it and change it yourself. It isn't hard, pretty much searching mostly in the .yml
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    ok I'll try it but the plugin needs updates right? I dont want use inactive plugins..
  25. It's up-to-date, but i'm still testing and waiting for a recommended build before i release my version.
    If you want i can modify the stats plugin to use another command, i will release both then (original + modified)
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    that would be nice :) you could name the modified version something like mcmmo version..
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    could u implement towny
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    the /stats command for stats is changed to /sss
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    np,just glad to help,
    if you ever need to change a command in a plugin yourself open the .jar using winrar and take a look at the plugin.yml using wordpad or whatever text editor you prefer, its actually kinda easy :)
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