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  1. I want to introduce you a new webbased tool to track statistics for minecraft.
    This is based on stats plugin from nidefawl. Even this is listed as inactive, its working flawlessly on the current bukkit build [766]. Webstatistic for minecraft is shortened to WS in the following text:

    What's "Webstatistic for Minecraft"?

    Every serveradmin wants, at some point, host some statistic data for the players, so that they can compete which each other (who destroyed the most cobblestone blocks or whatever). They can use it as a system to determine prices, or just to have an overview to compare stuff with each other.
    WS is working as a modular system, you can choose which modules you wan't to show or not.
    If there a plugins WS should support in future, the plugin must be MySQL based and there should be enough requests. In this case i will be adding it as a new module.

    What you mean with "modular system" ?

    WS has a core plugin, which is the above mentioned stats plugin for minecraft. In generall all stats collected by this plugin are evaluable.
    Beside this plugin, WS supports other plugins which collects data in MySQL databases. The basic version of WS (v0.8b), the following plugins are already supported:
    - Jobs (full support for [766])
    - LevelCraft (full support for [766])
    - iConomy (full support for [766])
    - Achievements (full support for [766])
    You can enable or disable these modules in the core config file.

    Description of the modules

    WS Core v0.92b
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    The WS core has 4 pages. The index, the server statistic, the player statistic and the detail page.
    The index page is a table of all players with they current avatar, their complete time played, last login date and online or offline status.
    The server statistic shows detailed data of all stats on the whole server.
    The player statistic shows all data of a single player (with the other modules enabled, there is also shown statistics from these modules on the player).
    The detailed page gives you information on a single statistic (for example: who placed and destroyed which amount of cobblestone)






    Jobs v2.0
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    The jobs plugin enables jobs for minecraft. WS keeps track of the jobs, the amount of jobs available, a summary of all levels and a list which player got which job and the players job level.


    Levelcraft v1.1
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    Levelcraft seriously is a must-have for all RPG servers.
    A whole bunch of skill modules enables leveling on the server to be able to use better tools etc..
    WS gets data of every skill and shows a list with players and their level and xp values.
    You can enable and disable every Levelcraft module in the config file.


    iConomy v1.0
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    iConomy is one of the most common money plugins in minecraft. WS collects the whole money on the server, the average amount of money per player and of course shows the current moneycount of every player in a list.


    Achievements v1.0
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    Of course WS also supports the achievements of the stats plugin.
    WS is able to read the achievements.txt of the plugin and puts it in to a mysql database to be able to show all the achievements aviable on the server. It also displays the achievements earned by the player on the player statistic page.


    Which requirements has WS?

    - PHP (tested with v4.4.9 and above)
    - MySQL
    - GD Image Library (required in v0.8b) (not required in v0.81b+)

    Do i need PHP- or MySQL-Knowledge?

    All you need for WS is a working text editor (Notepad++ is recommended)
    You only need to change the settings in the config files !


    Extract the zip file in your webserver directory
    Edit the config files
    the directory "image-cache" needs write permission (chmod 777) !

    ToDo, Changelog and Downloads aren't uptodate ate the moment!
    While working at the prerelease-version, i will post the newest downloads inside my posts at the end!
    With the release i will start using DevBukkit!

    Show Spoiler


    - optional use of GD Image Library in v0.9b
    - statistical improvement (especially: LevelCraft)
    - find someone for french and other localization ;-)
    - Achievement-Editor (in development)
    - Jobs 2.0 support (WIP)
    - support for McMMO

    Version 0.92b
    - added "new" icons from the last mc-updates
    -> added description in language.php

    Jobs v2.0

    - added support for Jobs v2.0
    -> multiple Jobs allowed, actual up to 4 jobs

    Version 0.91b
    - fixed an error not displaying players at stats-page
    -> added new config-lines into config.php

    Levelcraft version 1.1
    - add support for new level "Prayer"

    Version 0.90b

    - increase of performance

    - optimized image-cache (some problems in v0.8)
    -> works correct now
    -> 1 day cache (86400 seconds)
    -> configurable

    - optimized image-database-connection
    -> fixed problem with case-sensitive / case-insensitive systems

    - seperated modules
    -> no longer inside index.php
    -> more performance for users not using whole WS-Package

    - use of pages in WS-Core
    -> actually 20 users per page
    -> configurable

    - add these two line to config.php
    //Number of users per page

    //Time in seconds, images are cached 86400 = 1day, 259200 = 3days
    Version 0.81b (May 18, 2011)

    - added a php-query for the use of GD-Image-Library
    -> no longer required


    WS Core
    WS iConomy
    WS Jobs
    WS Levelcraft
    WS Achievements

    Please give a little Donation for the days of work and to make this even better. Thank you so much!
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  3. Would be great!
    You can use the language.php to add a new if-clause for "rus"
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    oeh :p
    Like =D
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    hey !! thanks for that awesome webstats !!
    Just one little error I found on your code : in functions.php, function db_connect() :
    thanks one more time :)
  6. Oh thanks, you're right.
    It's fixed and online!
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    I haven't got much free time actually but I can intent to finish translate in french...
    Did you plan to add an achievement editor ?
  8. At the moment there's just the bridge by importing the txt-file the, achievement-plugin is using, but yeah of course!
    Shouldn't be such a problem, but i will need some time ... lack of freetime at the moment :D
  9. Updated the Core-Plugin to v0.81b.
    Just small changes, for users with installed GD-Image-Library not necessary!
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    Will test later today, looks awesome.
    Sadly you don't need a German translation, otherwise I would have made one.

    Works great.

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  11. Great, thanks for the feedback!
    And with the german translation:
    (ger): Verbesserungsvorschläge kannste gerne posten, ist sicher nicht alles ideal gewählt ;) (/ger)

    Working on the achievement-editor the next time, let's see how it's working and if it's worth the time ;)
    Achievement isn't working with a real database, it reads the achievements with every serverstart from the config, so i have to export the data from webstatistic to an txt-file.
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    Actually we are a english community ;)
    The achievement system is... weird... yet... indeed.
    Also, you should maybe continou developing on that stats plugin and the achievement plugin yourself, so you could integrate it with that website even better.

    Also, the design is not yet perfect... nicely said. It's a mess with all that code, maybe you should use a template engine like smarty. I have changed it to fit our needs so far, but it would be great if you could give it a more web 2.0'ish look and feel, without blocky minecraft theme. (Well, it's FOR minecraft, but it's still the Internet.)

    The performance is another disadvantage, it's very slow. Might be the hosting, but actually I don't think so, everything else runs quiete smooth.

    Overall Opinion:
    Great mod, but needs some more work! ;)
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    I have many players listed and it takes awhile for the page to load. Can you add a page limit please?
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    iConomy doesn't work on the statistics page :(
    How can i fix it ? I just have "hompage" and "server statistics"
  15. You just have to download the "WS iConomy" Part from above and put it into the same directory as the other files.
    That's all, name your currency in the config-file and all should work.
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    Oh, thanks. I though I have to put the Ws iconomy folder into my www folder. Thanks a lot, it's awesome!
  17. Ok, coming with the next version!
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    Very nice! If i can suggest something, can you support mcMMO ?
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    Yes, please, mcMMO would be awesome.
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    And there is nothing ffor the Core webpage to load off of? Do you have a plugin for that?
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    Thanks for this plugin works like a charm
    on mine I have it call upon a rank that i have to define in a database
    Is there any way you can add a hook into permissions to get the users rank automatically?
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    Did you only download the from here? Is there another download for a .jar?
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  24. McMMO: Could someone give me a backup of the mysql-tables for mcmmo?
    Would be easier for me to work with, because i'm not using it at my server.

    Permissions-Rank: As long as permissions don't use a sql-database for users & ranks, it's not that easy.
    Beside ... is that rank similiar to the permission-group?

    I have to rewrite the include of player avatars, seems it needs to long for some servers.
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    @GmK avatars are working .. don't see anythin this old inaktive webstats is able to, which terra-network's webstat can't beside of the page numbering, which will be added.
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    It isnt inactive at all, how do you get that idea?

    I prefer the visual style of yours, am just waiting for page numbering before I switch.
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    Really easy. At first i requested some stuff a really long time ago and even the dev agreed to it, no update came (Small stuff.. not really complicated ones).
    Second, the Dev didn't log into his own webpage ( for more than 1.5 months now.
    Third, no new posts from him in his thread and last login on bukkit a month ago.

    Actually this was the reason terra-network started to create this one, we also used this webstat before.
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    Ah yes, for me inactive = broken/doesnt work, we simply have a different definition!

    Anyways, back to topic of this new baby ;)
  30. Hi!
    Yeah this Webstats was like an "inspiration" for me and the page-numbering will come with the next version (maybe weekend?)
    If you got ideas for new stuff, tell me.
    Avatars work if you got GD-Library for PHP, but i will work with the performance a litte ;)
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