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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by connormcwood, Apr 30, 2014.

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    I was doing a little project for Herocraft a while back but after they didn't like how it was going they chose to use a different method instead of the way I did. I made a Php page which in comparison to some other scripts I've seen on here is quite basic and all the tool does it display a users level, hp, mana, class and secondary class.

    As I was told they wasn't going to be using it I never got round to finishing it as I had no motivation, and it still isn't finished to this day. Although if someone would like to finish it for me, or there is a lot of feedback and someone would actually like me to finish it for them I may do. The code is very simple it is nothing more than intermediary PHP skills I would say.

    I will also include the Database given but I will be delete all sensitive information and I will create a record with my name so you can test it works.

    The design is simple but if someone creative got a hold of it, it could look acceptable.

    All you have to do is download Xampp or something and put the Ranking folder on the Htdocs area, go into localhost/phpmyadmin and import the file in the winrar document called databasename.sql

    I couldn't find a decent website to upload the winrar file so I guess I will just use a rubbish one. If someone tells me a decent file hosting website I'll upload it to that.
    A couple of Images:
    cmw.png search.png
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    Is this something you will get done for a big project?
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