[Web/Skin] AwesomeSkins v1.1/1.2 - Awesome 2D skin representation (Nya Mine)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by tyzoid, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Inspired by nya mine:

    Tagging interested people: frozone2008 xGhOsTkiLLeRx Intern0

    AwesomeSkins v1.1 : [​IMG]
    Source released under the TPL: https://github.com/tyzoid/AwesomeSkins/blob/master/README.md#license

    I've recreated this, as there appears to be no progress towards releasing the source or any updates.

    I've included error checking: the username must be a minecraft username. The background is transparent - not white- and it has caching built-in, to improve loading times.

    I'm running the script on my koding server, feel free to use this URL. The source is also availble.

    Front-end generator: http://mctools.tyzoid.com/skins/

    Url: http://s.mclist.me/tyzoid.png
    (new style, as people were complaining about missing parts of the skin):
    Url: http://s.mclist.me/new/tyzoid.png
    (with hats):
    Url: http://s.mclist.me/hat/tyzoid.png

    Url: http://s.mclist.me/square/hat/tyzoid.png


    Have fun and enjoy!

    • API request for smaller images
    • Thinner Stroke by request. (with /thin/ option)
    • Open to suggestions for additional features.

    Check if and what styles your skin has been cached for.

    Here is the full cache list, containing a list of all the skins requested and what is cached.

    To check a specific user, append ?user=<username> to the end of the URL. i.e.

    Currently, the script only returns text, but it will soon show the cached images.

    Api Access:
    If you want to implement an automatic script that parses this result, add the flag "api" to any request. i.e.

    This will guarantee that you get a machine readable text result.

    Format: (instead of four spaces, it is separated by tabs.)
        New Style
        Classic Style
        Classic Style
        New Style
    Error Codes:
    Applies for both AwesomeSkins and SkinCacheCheck

    Script Errors:
    • 100: Invalid Username
      • Returned if the username is an invalid format.
    • 101: Access denied or skin doesn't exist
      • Returned if the skin cannot be accessed.
      • "notch" is an example of one such username (in this case, it must be capitalized: Notch).
      • Remeber: usernames are case-sensitive here.
    • 102: user not cached (SkinCacheCheck only)
      • Returned if the user is not cached when trying quering SkinCacheCheck

    (red changlog features indicate that this only applies to the web interface I run, not the downloadable script)
    1.2 (Still in-dev, should be out soon)
    • Hat support
    • Easier to use image URLs (usable everywhere, as they now have a .png extension)
    • Improved caching.
    • Transparency works better now. (needed to refresh the cache for everyone).
    • Square images (append /square/ to the url - see above for ex.)
    • More/better admin scripts (for myself)
    • More strict input checking.
    • Skin validation
    • Fixed mismatch with classic style
    • Created Script

    Updated SkinCacheCheck (skinlist) to version 1.0. Api is on version 1. AwesomeSkins is now on version 1.1.

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    It's amazing!
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    The url has been changed. This should not need to be changed again.

    If you used the old url in your scripts, make sure you change to the new URL.

    old: http://tyzoid.koding.com/mcb/skin.php?user=tyzoid
    new: http://tyzoid.koding.com/skins/skin.php?user=tyzoid

    The old URLs will stop working in one week, when I will take away the redirect.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Added front-end: http://tyzoid.koding.com/skins/


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    Looks really good :)
    I'll tell you when I break it :D
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    Be sure to!
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    I like it, but not a huge fan of the thick black stroke

    but they are soooooo cute
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    Thanks! I quite like the stroke myself, though.
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    Add a flag to use the over layer aswell.

    For instance my friends skin looks really silly without the outer head layer because he adds hair with that layer

    so take the normal face and then put the next layer over it and just ignore anything with alpha
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    Sure. I was thinking about that, but I think the transparencies don't quite match up. I'll double check.

    Added hat support and easier-to-use URLs.

    URL: http://tyzoid.koding.com/skins/image/hat/tyzoid.pn

    I've found out that koding blocks all requests to png's from outside of their site. Rename "png" to "pn" to get the images to work for now.

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    It seems there is something wrong with the third skin.
    hmm... or maybe not. Can't remember what its supposed to look like >.<

    apart from that these are awesome
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    Loving it :D

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    Deleted user

    Skins are down.
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    Works fine from here...
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    Deleted user

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    Gayness, activate!


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    I could just stare at myself all day.
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    Awesome :D Working on my webserver (skin.php) =D EXAMPLE

    Seems the SkinCacheCheck and the Frontend isn't released. And "hat" argument isn't included XD

    Love this thing, Thanks!
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    Hats are enabled in 1.2, which isn't released yet.

    Edit: although, feel free to use my service. It is designed to operate like minotar does.
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    Oh XD ya thanks :)

    EDIT: lol im getting access denied because the player doesn't have a skin... Can it load the default steve skin?
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    Unfortunately, there is no "steve" character, however minotar has a method of doing this (which I could implement easily).

    The only issue is that this would only happen if the player doesn't have a skin, i.e. in offline mode. If you wish me to implement this, you'd have to give me another valid reason, as I do not support offline mode.
  23. I like what I see, i'll check it out! ;D
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    Just a quick poll, would anyone be interested in prints of their character? I'm going to look up prices/see if I can have them shipped directly to you, but I want to see if there is any interest first.
  25. maybe ;D
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    It'd probably be ~$5-10 USD, but I didn't really look around that much.
  27. Oh, nice ;D
    whats gonna be da cost of shipping tho c;
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    Probably not much, I think that figure includes shipping, though like I said, I haven't looked very much. Different poster sizes/types may be more or less.
  29. *cough* give inspectorfacepalm a discount *cough*
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    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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