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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by lol768, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I'm kinda lazy, and find that most of my plugin development time is spent on writing the plugin.yml file. To combat this, I've made a prototype plugin.yml generator. It's not yet finished (I haven't spent that long on it yet), but I'd like some feedback on it and any features that could be implemented.
    It's got some tooltips that tell you what each field does and I've tried to make it look somewhat usable.
    Any thoughts?
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    Deleted user

    plugin.yml's are relatively easy to make.. you can make one in less than a minute..
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    Looks slightly outdated, plus it doesn't actually make a plugin.yml file. Only a maven descriptor file.
    Very interesting, doesn't support commands or permissions though, which is something I hope to implement.

    I disagree. Dependent on the amount of commands and permissions, the plugin.yml file can take a lot longer than a minute.

    I'm hoping to expand the tool to generate some code snippets. Plus, using the generator is easier for those new to plugin development (each field is explained and examples/auto-generation is available).
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    Far too lazy :p
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    This is amazing, great usage of JS and CSS, the site looks great, and it works perfectly too :)
    Yeahhh... I take a few seconds to make my plugin.yml files :D
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    The hardest parts when making a plugin:
    1. Making the plugin.yml.
    2. Deciding on a name for the plugin.
    3. Choosing what colors to use when sending players chat messages.
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    This. This all the way.
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    Everyone give him a like! He deserves it!
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    The way I do my plugin.yml is to put the commands in as I make them. Another easy solution is to make one command that has different args for a different command. That way, I only put one command in the YML. :)
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    I try do that as much as I can, doesn't change the fact I'm too lazy to make a plugin.yml :p

    Although I do agree, a lot better than adding 400 commands, Just sit there and imagine being the plugin.yml creator of essentials!

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    Thanks! It's still very much a WIP.


    Same here :)
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    Once this is developed a bit further, it looks like a worthy addition for the tools index:)
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    Sounds great. I'll see what I can do.
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    No longer up :(

    Could I have the source code lol768
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    This was a little while ago. I'll have a look, but you might be better off looking for a newer plugin generator. IIRC Ivan was working on something
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    http://generator.northernrealmstudios.com generates the full structure. I'll add special plugin.yml stuff soon.
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