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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SuperMamie, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I'm sorry for bumping an old thread.
    But since the skins are changing in 1.8 I'm looking for a new version.
    The author of script is inactive as he said but I'm sure there are other people that can fix this.
    I barely have experience with PHP and this is too advanced for me so I can't do it myself.

    Is there anyone who can add support for 1.8 skins or is there anyone who did it already who can share it?

    This is how they look like in the current version:
    Dinnerbone and grum are completely messed:
    And this is how it looks with old skins:
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    It's pretty simple fix to get it to show the new skins, just cropping the new skin image size....to the same size as the old skin... the base skin is all that matters anyway and lucky mojang didn't fuk the layout of original skin body parts ( Its actually kinda surprising considering amount derpage that comes out of that company)
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    I too am still looking for a fix on the dark blue skin render. It happens on SVG as well.
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    Since people are still using this skin render (including me):

    I've published some fixes I've created some time ago. I've also applied the changes to cajogos' fork so that the entire file is in English which makes it easier for me to use and edit it.

    The new script is still compatible with the old parameters so switching to the new script should be no problem.

    Here it is: https://github.com/Gyzie/php-Minecraft-3D-Skin-Renderer

    SuperMamie, would you like me to send you a pull request?
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    Gyzie is your script compatible for 1.8 skin AND skin wich are not 1.8 compatible ?
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    Yes it should work fine. For details on this read the GitHub page.

    Example of an 1.8 skin render:
    Skin with non-transparant background (also old skin type):

    It also fixed the dark blue skins caused by indexed png images.
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    Could you possibly add just direct UUID support over username lookup?
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    I've added support for UUID's for you, but remember: UUID's will only work when not used too often in a short period of time. Mojang will deny the UUID convert requests when you put in too many requests!

    The updated script can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/Gyzie/php-Minecraft-3D-Skin-Renderer
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