[WEB/GUI/SPOUT] Buycraft GUI - No more copying links! [SPOUT] [1.0.1-R1]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Windwaker, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Buycraft GUI

    Basically the Buycraft GUI allows you to open Buycraft package checkouts with a click of a button, it currently requires the user to install a Spoutcraft addon, so it is close to useless at the moment, but once the server can push client plugins to the client I'll be set. This plugin does not need to run along Buycraft, but does not provide the commands used in Buycraft.

    Screenshot (open)


    1. Drop the BuycraftGUI-Plugin into your server's plugins directory.
    2. Drop the BuycraftGUI-Addon into your Spoutcraft's addon directory
    3. Make sure your API key in your Buycraft settings is correct
    4. The regular Buycraft plugin is not required

    • The GUI uses a key binding, to bring it up, press 'B'
    • You can change the key binding in Spoutcraft's controls menu
    • Select a package
    • Hit "Checkout"
    • Your browser will open and bring you to the appropriate page on Buycraft.net

    • Some packet issues/errors
    • Doesn't work on Linux machines
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    This is nice :D
    But, why doesn't it work on linux?
    (not that i use linux, im just interested)
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    Not sure, I'm away so I'm going to find out what the problem is when I get back
  4. Looks nice good job!

    You might want to consider adding a scrollbar or multiple pages for multiple packages.
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    A scroll bar appears if required, you can have unlimited packages.
  6. Nice :)
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    So it doesn't need the buycraft bukkit plugin, but if I want users without spoutcraft client I can use it alongside with the normal Buycraft plugin?
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    it does need buycraft, it is made FOR buycraft.

    this info costs: 5$, thank you for understanding.
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    See what you did there. Spending my info-money on companies who take your (MY) money!
    But obviously i meant the bukkit plugin, not buycraft itself which I have a premium version of (no, that's not totally unrelated!).
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    ooooooh, then im not sure xD
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    No, I use parts of the Buycraft source to provide the GUI, it does not require Buycraft itself but does not provide the command interface.
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    Thanks for your reply! I think I'm going to use both of 'em then. I really like this, but the most minecrafters don't have spoutcraft client, so it's very nice they don't murder each other when enabled!
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    Organized the OP a bit :)
  14. any chance of an update to support the new buycraft stuff?

    or can u reccomend how to get working with latest revision.

    many thanks
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    Sure, I can work on an update soon.
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    Yeah i'd love to use this but I really dont like the fact that they have to install an addon.
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