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    WebAuction - Website based item market [1597]

    Moving over to bukkitdev - New Project Page
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    Can you give me an example of how I would go about connecting it to a un-local server? I can't see anything about it on the thread. Or I'm just not reading it.

    We have the database setup using phpmyadmin, and the database stuff is all setup in the files, but there's no obvious link method?


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    You can contact via steam if you like?

    For the java bit you just open the config file and put in all the connection details to the MySQL database. Then do the same for the config file in the scripts folder in the web interface pack.
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    I sent you a message with my skype.

    You said steam. Sorry about that lol
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    i set all up up and i get failed to login the mysql is set up ok

    Ok I set it all up but i cant login

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    I'm a OP, and Admin and have the permissions, '*' what ever it is for everything, but either way I gave the permission nodes to Members and I can't do it as a Member or anything.
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    Hey mate! If you missed my steam msg, I got it working. It's fantastic. I think my friend will be making a video for the other server users, so if it's any good maybe you can link to it as a tutorial?

    Oh, and would you like some help on the design, or is that only temporary? :D
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    Should really make a tutorial on how to add the Plugin.
    Like all the steps with putting it on your website and everything.
    Would be very much appreciated.
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    Good to hear :)

    Video would be cool, although I was thinking of doing my own, but I was going to make a separate page in bukkitdev for install instructions so I could include all relevant videos and things :)

    I've asked a graphic design mate to help with the design, but he seems a bit busy with actual paying work at the moment :p

    Yup, proper configuration and install instructions/video all that stuff should happen soon.
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    Oh well, either way just let me know if you need any other help!
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    At the moment I am adding an easy to use system when users of the plugin can choose which css file they want to use, I was thinking people could submit cool style sheets and people could download/use the ones they like by just selecting it in the config file...

    If you like you could always have a look at the main.css and change the way the thing looks, and I'll include the file in the main pack or in a separate download somewhere.
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    Sounds good! Is that images as well? 'cause I took a sneaky look last night at the interface images and it all seems to be a giant border image, right?
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    Can include images too, but it would make the install slightly more difficult, as it would take more than just installing a new css file.

    Added the editing section. Take a look. :p

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    Woo ;D I'll set up a testing one using the fixed mysql from yesterday and edit the hell outta it :)

    Oh, and the images can be in the css folder/bundled in the .zip and just extracted, or just include instructions?
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    @Exote , what permissions system does this use? because 2.7.4 says i do not have permissions to set a deposit chest when clearly i have the * node.
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    Can be included how you like, but it would make it easier on the person downloading they can just drag and drop a css folder and an images folder in to the root of the WA website.

    Sometimes it complains about permission when the problem is actually spelling or something to do with signs? What were you trying to do?

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    Nothing works, /wa deposit set , says i have no permissions even though i have * .
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    Continuing from @tom 's issue, deposit set works just fine (supposedly) when we put the permissions in there manually. Your plugin seems not to recognize the * node, while others still work fine that way. But, even having been able to set a deposit box, when putting something in there, nothing happens. I copied the nodes directly off of your OP.
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    Getting any errors? Anything in the log?
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    Greatest plugin ever, cant wait for SpoutCraft features :)
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    No, no errors or anything in the log, just no permissions if all they have is *.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that, on my server, we couldn't buy ANYTHING (trying to buy with enough money brought us to a blank page, and unfortunately, I forgot to set PHP debug printing on) until I put a
    require 'itemInfo.php';
    at the top of the BuyItem and BuyItemX pages, because somehow, without it, getItemMaxStack (line 54 of buyItem and line 62 of buyItemX) was not within the scope of those pages.
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    Although the disappearing item glitch is happening very often,
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    Put a new jar together which uses a method I was trying to avoid because it is depreciated (player.updateInventory())... But it seems to work regardless. Just no sure for how long :p new jar is on the front bukkitdev page, not packaged it into a proper build yet. <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Let me know if it help anything.
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    Maybe make it so that when you walk a set distance away from the auction chest, it is emptied, otherwise it nothing happens to the items. To avoid duping.
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    Chest empties when you close it. Thanks to spout.
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    New UI, Check out the dev page, Looks great v1.8. (Also configurable)

    If you want to change your "Dollar" to something else,

    index.php - line 48 & line 50
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    And the similar line on the my auctions, my items and logs pages. :p
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    Great! can you add a register fee function?
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    Missing plugin version number in thread title. See me.
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    Just use command iConomy.

    /wa password command costs $xxxxx

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