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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by patryk0493, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Specialy for you I created WWW player statistic for Minecraft server.
    It requires StatsAndAchievements and MySQL database.
    Working with Bukkit from 1.2.5 to 1.6.2
    1. Player list:
    - player ID
    - Nick and avatar
    - Status on server
    - Last seen
    - Time played
    - Logged
    - average time
    2. Details
    - Main info
    - blocks
    - extracted minerals
    - distance
    - animated avatar

    1. Prohibition modify or remove footer from statistics. AAny modifications feet are considered to be copyright infringement..
    2. Ability provides the subject's selection




    1. unrar dowloaded file
    2. Put files on your WWW hosing from "www" directory
    3. Open file "index.php" and fill data to connct with MySQL

    $db_host = 'adres'; //adress
    $db_n = 'nazwa'; // database name
    $db_user = 'uzytkownik'; //user
    $db_password = 'haslo'; // password

    4. Upload files from directory "Plugins" to your MC server
    5. Configure "StatsAndAchievements" config
    6. Run server and enjoy

    Contact with author
    skype: eliaszpatryk
    www: patrykeliasz.pl
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    Removed download link - this is not a direct download, it forces you to use some download manager.
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    You can't fully copyright this, because of the use of functions from different parties such as Minotar and not only.
    The other thing is; "Wydobyte Mineraly" it doesn't work in your demo.
    Is your "Download" version in English or Polish ?
    Are you going to improve it by any chance ? (CSS Aspect)
    Whats more to come ?
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