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    HTTPConsole - Issue Console Commands Over HTTP
    Version: 0.3.0

    I wrote this because I have a bash script which I use to backup the worlds and do mapping and various other manipulations directly on world data. So, I needed a way for the script to tell the server to save-all, then disable saving to copy the worlds, then re-enable saving. I know there are plugins out there that expose a limited API over HTTP, and there's even one that provides telnet access. But the APIs didn't provide the access I wanted and telnet access is too cumbersome.

    While I was at it I figured I would make it capable of issuing any console command. You never know what you might need :).

    WARNING: If you configure this plugin to listen on an ip address open to the internet, and don't restrict client IP addresses (using the white and black lists) to specific IP addresses you trust, someone will hack your server.

    This is my first plugin... actually this is the first thing I've ever written in Java, so be nice :p. Suggestions welcome.


    • Issue any command over HTTP that you can issue on the console.
    • Change the listener IP address, port, and log-level through the config file.
    • Get back the output of the issued command.
      • This only works for some commands, specifically commands that are not "threaded".
    • Accepts GET and POST (url or json encoded) requests.
    • Client IP address whitelist/blacklist.
    • Host name filtering.
    Trouble Shooting: If it doesn't appear to be working, try the following solutions.
    • Change the "port: 8765" configuration option to a different number. Valid values are 1024 - 65565
    • Make sure your firewall is allowing access to the port.

    (EDIT by H31IX: Removed unnecessary formatting that made the post way too hard to read.)

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