[WEB/CHAT] BukkitConnect Patcher - Cross server communication [EXPERIMENTAL]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by pyraetos, Dec 8, 2011.

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    This patcher is intended to be an alternative to using my plugin, BukkitConnect. BukkitConnect requires forwarding a port; however, my goal is to provide the same functionality with progressively easier setup, so I developed this tool.

    This time, I'm looking for a few people to test this patcher on their server. Please note that it is highly experimental, though I feel it stable enough to release in this forum.

    Please note that this tool downloads classes from an HTTP server. Right now, the only available server is mine, www.nerdycast.org, meaning that if my server goes down, which it does sometimes, this tool will not be available. If you would like to provide an alternate HTTP download server for these files, contact me and post the URL here so it can be used if mine is down.

    Bugs of version Alpha 1.0:

    Upon starting a patched server, you may notice a few extra stack traces and errors, due to the fact that this is just the experimental first version of the patch. They don't seem to cause any harm.

    You may see a stack trace when a player disconnects with this (not normally seen with Bukkit) message: disconnect.genericReason.

    The first letter of cross server names is omitted for an unknown reason.

    Please report any bugs with the system, and post your server's hostname so we can test the cross server chat.

    Right now this tool only patches CraftBukkit to add the chat server.
    The client, which is used to SEND cross-server messages, is currently contained only in the BukkitConnect plugin in the link at the top of this post. You can run this and that plugin concurrently, and should in order to help me test this fully.


    Using the BukkitConnect plugin for a client only, you can communicate with my server, www.nerdycast.org:25565, because it is patched. You can also communicate with any patched server as long as you enter the Minecraft server's port, since the BukkitConnect plugin still automatically assumes 25555, which its server uses.
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    Looking forward to testing this out for myself.
    I think this is a great idea.
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    Patch version 0.2 has been uploaded to the server, I'm testing now.
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