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    Plugin category: Web adminstration

    Suggested name: Web Shop

    What I want:
    This is probably too difficult, but I was wondering if it were possible to have a web based shop for items that world link in with economy. Players would be able to connect to the shop the same they would connect to dynmap "ServerIp: Port". They would be able to buy items in the web store using server money and it would be given to them in their inventory. They would also be able to sell items if it is in their inventory. The shop could have different categories or a search function. You would be able to add item to the shop by command, or directly on the website by logging in as an admin.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /WShop -provides link to Shop
    • /WShop add {Item / hand} {Category} {buy price} {Sell Price}
    • /WShop remove {item}
    • /WShop on/off
    Ideas for permissions:
    • Whop.link -Permission to show shop link
    • Whop.edit -Permission to edit the shop
    • Whop.use -Permission to use the shop
    When I'd like it by: Whenever it takes
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    mafumeaade13 You could make this yourself with JSONAPI and PHP, creating this with a plugin would be hard, especially when the coder also needs to create the web shop
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    This plugin exists, tho i'm not sure what it's called or if it's up to date but i can't look around.

    The way i remember it:

    You had a shop building with 2 chests (or simply 2 chests).

    A player puts his item in a chest, writes a command and the stuff dissapears and is put on the players profile on the market.
    The player can now go to a website hosted on the server, where he can see his market inventory and post things from there on the market.

    You can browse the market and buy stuff, like you would on for example an mmo auction house, bought items will go to your inventory, where you can either repost them or have them send to you on the server.

    If you choose to have em send to server, they'll appear in the 2nd chest, only available to you.

    Found it:
    It's called Webauctionplus and i believe it does what you wanted, it hasn't been updated since 1.4.7 tho, not sure if it's functional.
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    I saw this too, but it does not have infinite stock, it is only in the to do lost.
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    If I could make it myself, I would not have posted this in the first place.
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    Have you tried BuyCraft? You are asking for a lot with this plugin.
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    BuyCraft is for donations though, plus you have to pay to have a lot of items. Besides I already have a donation system.
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    I think for the scope of this project, I don't think that it should be free. You can not pay for plugins on this forum. I just think that it is too big for one developer, and get it done in the time span that you probably want it in. Just keep this in mind when coming up with ideas for projects. Plugins like this have to be very personalized to the server, and things like that. It is not a bad idea, but I don't think that any developer would do it for free.

    Sorry man,
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    Okay, thanks any way though. I should lower my expectations, or probably learn java myself.

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