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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by vasil7112, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Hello there!
    3D WebBlock Preview is a tool that can help TexturePack makers, Server Admins, Mod Creators(That add new blocks ingame) and more people! Built using Three.js this tool recreates the block from an image to a great 3D Block. It can be easily implemented on websites, or you can share your block through a link.

    Where can you use all of this?
    • I have a donator rank which is named gold, so i will use a nice gold block animation to preview it!
    • I have a client mod, which adds 5 new blocks, so i will use MCBlocksPreview to show them to my downloaders.
    • I have a texturepack and i want either to preview a block, or display one to my downloaders.
    • I want to make a nice 3D block for a wallpaper i have, but i am too bored to make the 3d block image. So i will just me a stable custom block preview, Printscreen and just remove the background.
    • Or use your imagination, and create something cool and unique with it!
    How to use it?
    We've made it as simple as possible! Just open the tool, then add the options you want, and finally get the iframe from the output and paste it to your website :)

    Feedback is much appreciated!


    Building, maintaining, and hosting takes a lot of time and financial resources.​
    This is completely optional, but even a small donation can help us alot.​

    ++ Updated Parameters, hope it is easier to understand now! <3 ++

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    can you don't add so people can download it and add in to their sites and add more blocks? (or could you add more blocks)
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    Thanks alot for the feedback.
    I am writing alot of tests in school right now, so i don't have alot of time to add alot of blocks. This is just a preview, and if i recieve good feedback, i will continue it and and it really soon.

    What do you mean though not to download it and add it to their websites? That is the whole reason. If they want to download the source, it is already made for them. They can just open the website and download it. I would not have any problem, but if theid like, they can add a linkback to this thread:)

    I am looking for some help with editing some of the blocks. If anyone has some free time, please contact me.
    It is really hard doing web apps, and at the same time writing exams at school:/
    Some help would be great!

    Here is what you need to do.
    • You will recieve a list of blocks
    • You will get the 2d images of the block.
    • Resize it to 2.400x2.400
    • Save it as the id.png or id.subid.png or id_top.png or id_bot.png depending on each situation.
    I really appreciate anyone that is intrested to help:)
    Kind regards

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    can try to help whit some
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    Well, that would be great! Another users is helping me too at the moment, but he is sleeping right now. I will contact him on 8-10 hours to check if he has finished or not. If he has not, then i will pm you with some info:)
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    vasil7112 thanks for pulling my attention back to three.js.
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    No problem! Have fun programming.

    Also guyz, i hope i can have the full version published soon. I am having some problems, because i was thinking the following: What if someone uploaded a virus containing photo? So i am trying to think of a way to protect my users <3
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    The demo's aren't working for me, I'm using Internet Explorer 9, I opened it in Chrome, and it worked.
    The window in the middle isn't displaying in IE
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    Internet Explorer does not understand WebGL. Either use Chrome, SRWare Iron or Firefox.
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    Lycano thanks for the info. I will probably add an option to use WebGL or not :)

    I will add an option to the next version so IE can probably run it too:)

    I've added some more blocks. Please make sure that they are block. Not half blocks, or doors e.t.c:)

    Thanks alot!

    P.S: It is really late here, i will do the WebGL tomorrow probably!

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    I disabled WebGL, but it had some really really really bad results. So, i won't even implement it. I will make the customblocks soon:)
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    Good news IE 11 does support WebGL and there will be probably an IE 11 for Windows 7 so you wont have to use Windows 8.1 ^^
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    Yes, i was looking on the WebGL supported browsers and i saw that too. Although, i don't think alot of users use IE anymore:/
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