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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Emirin, Feb 9, 2011.

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    MineAdmin - Web administration and communication for your server:
    Version: v0.1

    • PHP 5.2.0+ with JSON enabled
    • MySQL
    • CraftBukkit
    • JSONApi (Click download and download the .zip or .tar.gz. Do not download the packages. You will find the jar in the Jar folder.)

    This is a continuation of the great work of Firestar, The009, ricin and Zeryl.
    Firestar has passed the project to RobbieT480.

    Easy management of your server and users. You can create backups, manage groups, start, stop and restart you server. You can check players inventory, manage the items in there, chat with your players on the console, send console commands directly to your server. Manage your kits, plugins, config files and more!

    Project Website is on Github


    If you need any help, you can join our IRC channel on Esper, #mineadmin.

    • User Control
    • Online Users
    • Give Items
    • Easy to use Installer
    • Backup Support
    • Multi-user Authentication
    • Property file management
    • Start, Stop, Restart of your server
    • Server Status
    • Ban Management

    Download MineAdmin:

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing MineAdmin

    ToDo List:
    * = Taking suggestions on which systems to support
    • Kits *
    • Groups *
    • White List *
    • Reserve List *
    • Log Viewing
    • Mapping Support *
    • Chat (Waiting on json update)
    • Console (Waiting on json update)
    • SQLite Support
    • Plugin management via Fill
    • VoiceServer Support (TeamSpeak)
    • Player Forum Signature Support (got a favorite server? Get a custom built sig box with dynamic data)

    Current Contributors
    Screenshots now available!
    Click here!

    Past contributors

    If you want to make changes, fork the repo on GitHub and submit pull requests back to RobbieT480.
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    but the thing is is that minecraft cant find the JSONApi.prop in the Craftbukkit folder.
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    did you DL just the .jar? You should download the .zip or .tar.gz and extract it to your plugins folder. Then you have to move JSONApi.jar up a level so it is in the /plugins folder

    the package should have the JSONApiAuthentication.txt and JSONApi.properties files. But for me it recreated them in the /plugins directory so.... idk
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    i placed the .jar in the plugins folder and the prop and text files in the Main folder and in the plugin folder
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    oh yeah, sorry. The prop and auth files are in the main folder.
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    ok just restarted and it worked, but what do i put in the AIP section?
  7. Dont know if anyone have said it already but you should REALLY think about making this work with SSH2 because having a webserver on the same server that you host a minecraft server is nothing i do or recomend.
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    For salt I just put "minecraft" and matched that in the JSONApi config files. Anything will work tho as long as they match. JSONApi seems to use 3 ports starting from the one you put in, so I opened the ports 25565 (mc default) through 25570 and put 25566 in the box.
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    This means that your php server does not have the json.so installed.
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:17 PM ---
    You do not need to run this on the same server as your minecraft server. Most of the commands work over the json api, which is encrypted with all the commands. The start up and shutdown of the minecraft server we will work on to make better.
  10. Sounds good :)
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    Is bukkit EVER going to standardise this type of stuff? All that crap about how great bukkit was going to be, and it's no better than hmod at least a month later?
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    syntax error while uploading the sql...
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    Same. Plus when it says start Minecraft_mod.jar and then change data-source to mysql thats just plain confusing. There is no data-source option in server.prop...

    Can we please get a better detailed guild on how to install this...? I understand the basics of linux and yet I still can't figure this out :(
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    Yes all listen to this pentesting expert.... Theres no difference really if its on the same box as your server or not. If theres a vul where its hosted at wont change anything. Theres no danger really except if your a complete nub.
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    Keep getting this error when I try to upload the sql file.
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    Ever heard of outdated or looking at when the thread update?
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    I have a new build of this fully up to date with a few more things working on it. We are revamping a few other things which is why I haven't posted any details. I'm hoping to have a much better share for you very soon that's much more clear.
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    Can't wait! ;p
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